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The American Classic is an entertaining and educational show that focuses on the history of American music, covering a wide range of genres, topics and events each week and discussing the cultural importance of the music itself.


The American Classic - The Music of the Vietnam War - 26/11/17
The best music that emerged as a result of the Vietnam, from fears of Cold War conflicts to protests at home this show delves into the music and discusses and outlines the war and it's cultural significance.
The American Classic - Classic Rock - 03/12/17
This show focuses on classic American rock, it presents just a drop in a very big ocean of what American rock is and how great the genre is.
The American Classic - Country Music - 19/11/17
This show highlights the best of American Country music, a staple of American culture and distinctive to the United States. Special guest Becky Smith from: From Norwich to Nashville appears and we discuss our love for the genre and how the music is heard globally.

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