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Women+ in Music

Updated: Mar 15

By Morgan Burdick

For women+ month here at UEA, I wanted to showcase the incredible women in music who have been making waves recently. These women have used their platform to promote sexual expression, LGBT+ rights, and the overall advancement of women in society.

Meg Thee Stallion

Megan has had a fantastic year since her breakout single ‘Hot Girl Summer’ in the Summer of 2019. Since then, she has continued to flourish, with a recent Tiny Desk performance with NPR and is performing at Coachella in October 2020. Her music aims to uplift women, focusing on promoting themselves financially and embracing their sexuality.

Featured track: ‘Cash Shit’ feat. DaBaby

Hayley Kiyoko

Kiyoko is well known for her Pop and R&B sound, with strong, soothing vocals. You may recognise her for her appearance in childhood films such as Scooby-Doo and Lemonade Mouth. However, she is well known for her evolved sound since her departure from children’s movies. Kiyoko’s fans especially relate to her due to her sexual identity. In expressing her relationships with women through music, she has inspired young women to come out and feel comfortable in themselves.

Featured track: ‘Girls like Girls’


Willow Smith has successfully made her comeback from her childhood hit singles that defined our school dances. She has opened up about her struggles with mental health in the wake of her childhood fame, and has used music as an outlet to express herself. Willow has also used Red Table Talk, her family’s talk show on Facebook Watch, to articulate her bisexuality and polyamory. She specifically used her recent album, Willow, to further convey these themes.

Featured Track: ‘Wait a Minute!’

Shea Diamond

As a young adult, Shea robbed a convenience store in order to pay for her gender affirmation surgery. Despite identifying as a woman, she was kept in a men's prison and was often isolated for both safety and punishment. It was at this time that she found her voice through music, and has since been applauded for her unique ability to portray emotion and storytelling through music.

Featured Track: ‘I Am Her’

Greentea Peng

Greentea Peng produces music for the soul. Her sound is psychedelic, spiritual and positive. Her tracks often make Livewire playlists due to their trippy and calming effect. Despite the slow pace, her songs are energetic and uplifting. Greentea Peng has continued to rise throughout the beginning of 2020 as an exceptional example of British music.

Featured track: ‘Downers’

Doja Cat

It is undeniable that this has been the YEAR of Doja Cat. With a quirky, upbeat mix of melodies and rap, she has encapsulated what it means to be an E-Girl. Her colourful, strong composition has created a medium for sexual expression and individuality.

Featured Track: ‘Like That’ feat. Gucci Mane

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