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Smoke Fairies at NAC 03/02/2020

Updated: Mar 8

By Killian Carline

I went to go see the Smoke Faires on Monday at the Norwich Arts Centre, which was a super cool venue. A church is not my first thought when I think of places where gigs are held, but it was awesome. The only downside of the night was that the doors opened at 7pm and the Smoke Faires came on at 9pm and during this time no one was playing on stage. Apart from this however, it was a great gig and when they came on stage and played all of their hits and stuff from their new album.

I would describe them as a pop rock band because they played their electric guitars as if they were AC/DC and their voices had more of a pop vibe, but it worked really well and it was great. They got the whole crowd moving and soon the whole floor was filled and everyone was singing along to their songs. There was even a point when one of the lead singers singled out a person in the crowd to compliment his cat t-shirt. One of the best bits of the night were when the two lead singers had a guitar solo for a few minutes. It was sick.

It was a small venue but they made it feel like you were watching them as if you were at Glastonbury festival. Smoke Faires weren't on for long but they did come back on stage for an encore. What most surprised me about the gig was their fan base, It was mostly people in their 40s but the band were in their 20s. If the Smoke Faires come back to Norwich I will go and see them again. I thought they were fantastic and would recommend their gigs as a really good night out.

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