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Isolation Station Mix #5- Seb Lloyd

Updated: Jun 11

By Seb Lloyd

I have concerned myself far too much with the track listing of this short mix to not be accused of lockdown paranoia. In Isolation Station #1, Danny Dodds mentioned 12 second song crossfades in the Spotify advanced settings. That is what I have ordered this playlist using and I recommend some experimentation if you haven't already, although I have spent many hours I will never get back.

My mix begins with 'Can't go back', I was a huge Kojey Radical fan during 23winters and In Gods Body but his singles and collaboration releases in 2018 and 19 seemed to lack focus until his release of Cathmere Tears. It's his most focused project to date, I also recommend 'Eleven' from the same album.

'What's Going On' summed up my feelings as a phrase from the 16th of march to at least the 30th, maybe longer. Josh Tillman and Marvin Gaye may have never sat side by side on many other playlists but 'Misty's nightmares 1 & 2' is my clumsy jab at 'lockdown dreams.' Which I hope are a worldwide phenomenon but only have anecdotal evidence so tweet the blog @Livewire1350 if you're also travelling inter-dimensionally every night. Micachu & The Shapes, Crack Cloud and Sneaks are all underrated artists. 'Holiday' has been a regular play for me when dreaming of a little space and time to myself and I really had to resist putting Sneaks 'The way it Goes' on this playlist solely for having a lyric that goes 'I think I need a little wiggle room, to move my body and to go to zoom,' I'd also recommend 'Hong Kong to Amsterdam' from the same album Highway Hypnosis.

'Drunk Drivers/ Killer Whales' has a potent message and a final chorus that reminds me of early Offspring. 'Something Against you' is not everyone's cup of tea but pure, unadulterated catharsis. Quelle Chris has been releasing consistently high-quality music the last few years. 2017's Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often, his 2018 album Everything is Fine he created in collaboration with his partner Jean Grae, 2019's Guns is also great. 'BS Vibes' is on this playlist for its catchy, Covid-era hook 'Don't stand so close to me,' despite the song being released in 2017. His latest release Innocent Country 2 captures the sombre uncertainty of this period, reducing the usually quick-witted raps of Quelle Chris to some of his most solemn moments yet. I picked 'Mirage.' for its range of high-standard features, rousing backing vocals and Big Sen's provocative closing spoken word. I also recommend 'Graphic Bleed Outs' from the same album.

Even as Lockdown starts to ease, anxious habits I've had about leaving the house in the past are now borderline agoraphobic at times. Music has certainly been a salvation for me when needing an escape from the humdrum day to day or nervous 2-metre cues of masked shoppers. I wish you some blissful listening as we (hopefully) start to return to normality.

Isolation Station isn't going anywhere yet tho!

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