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Isolation Station Mix #3 - Laurence Scott

Updated: May 22

By Laurence Scott

Warning: The following blog post contains more than just traces of indie music.

This is my contribution to our series of blog posts about the music I’ve been listening to in lockdown. I so (relatively) late to this party.

I like the dramatic atmosphere of ‘Iron sky’ by Paolo Nutini; for a similar reason, I like ‘Chandelier’ by Sia. There’s a bit of talking in ‘Iron sky’ by Paolo Nutini which makes the song stand out.

I love the super speed of ‘lonely’ by Joel Corry. The speed of ‘Flux’ by Bloc Party makes it well worth a listen, too.

‘Mother tongue’ by Bring Me the Horizon and ‘Smile like you mean it’ by The Killers both have good choruses in my opinion.

It might be a catchy song, but the line “What rhymes with hug me?” in ‘Blurred lines’ by Robin Thicke is a lazy piece of song writing!

I love Sia’s voice on ‘Titanium’ and ‘Chandelier’.

I enjoy the beat of ‘Shake it off’ by Taylor Swift.

I don’t always love autotune (that robotic effect on the vocals in some songs) but ‘Stay’ by Zedd & Alessia Cara is an exception to that rule.

The only song by Lorde I like is ‘Green light’ which is also on my list.

I have been obsessively listening to ‘Therapy’ by Duke Dumont (sadly, not a real duke, according to Wikipedia) recently. I like ‘Therapy’ because it’s a dance banger that’s my favourite song at the moment and my favourite song of the year so far.

I don’t normally listen to funk music but I really enjoyed ‘Funky miracle’ by The Meters recently

‘Once’ by Liam Gallagher is my favourite song of last year (2019). I love the violin in that song!

‘Nobody to love’ by Sigma is a song that ages well; not all songs still sound great that are 6 years old or more. I think part of why I like ‘Nobody to love’ is that it slowly adds instruments in, meaning it builds up nicely.

My favourite song The Wombats have done is ‘Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)’ which I have been listening to every day for about a month and still haven’t got bored of it!

‘The middle’ by Jimmy Eat World is another song with an amazing chorus.

I like the piano part in ‘Level of concern’ by Twenty One Pilots.

One of the most catchy, happiest songs on my recently listened list is ‘Blame it on me’ by George Ezra.

The song that most defined my first semester at UEA is ‘Will we talk?’ by Sam Fender because I played it so often during that period.

The electric guitar in ‘Conversation’ by Catfish and the Bottlemen is amazing! My favourite song that Stereophonics have done is a rock modern classic, ‘Dakota’, which also has an amazing electric guitar part.

‘This life’ by Vampire Weekend is an evolution of their sound from the band’s early material and I like the bass part of that song.

‘Me & You Together Song’ by The 1975 is my favourite indie song of the year so far.

Thanks for reading & happy listening!

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