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Isolation Mix #6- Edith Matthias

By Edith Matthias

Can we even call what is going on 'isolation' anymore? I mean we’ve definitely moved on from the days when the only concern was baking mediocre banana bread or doing half of a Pilates workout or knitting non-descript rectangles because you can’t be bothered to learn how to make something useful. It’s a boredom-induced mess of dysfunctional queues, hand sanitizer and crafty facemasks out there.

Considering these questionable circumstances, I thought ‘where actually is the most isolated place?’ and the answer to that is obviously space. So, I dredged the depths of my existing playlists, to create this miscellaneous mix of songs that I personally wouldn’t mind floating around in space to for the rest of eternity…

Now some of the tracks speak for themselves as to why they are on a floaty space playlist, so I’m just going to go through a few. We begin the mix with the track ‘Sound and Colour' by Alabama Shakes. My love for this song and the entire album that follows will never tire; its detailed musicality coupled with the warming, soulful vocals of Brittany Howard lands you somewhere in a dream. Those three notes that hold so much anticipation before plunging into a roll of percussion is like diving into water. I could not think of a better opening for this playlist or an album in general.

Track 8 is ‘Empire Ants’ by Gorillaz, my favorite song from their 2010 album Plastic Beach. It’s whimsical opening always gives me a bittersweet feeling, somewhere between peaceful tranquillity and intense loneliness, before lunging into a haze of synth melodies with the vocals of Little Dragon on top. A perfect intergalactic soundtrack.

Next, there is track 12, ‘Outro freestyle/4ever’ by Steve Lacy, the closing song on his album Apollo XXI. This is essentially two tracks in one, but its second half- a composition of gospel vocals and guitar, is what makes it worthy for this playlist. I could happily just roll around in space with that 3 minute and 40-second piece of music on repeat. If you are going to listen to any song from that album, make it this.

Then there are songs like ‘I Put a spell on you’ by Nina Simone and ‘I Can’t Quit You Baby’ by Led Zeppelin that are arguably not at all ‘spacy’ by nature. However, they are so rich and decadent in their musicality and soul that I just think ‘who wouldn’t want to float around in space to these tracks?’

Finally, ‘Gyongyhaiju lany’ by Hungarian rock band Omega finishes the playlist. This song is so melodramatic, that it borders on existential- I can just imagine staring at our tiny blue planet, contemplating it all with their Hungarian wails blaring in the background. Also, if I were to direct a film, I would use this as my end credits track.

I hope that this playlist, if you chose to listen, provides some rest bite from the chaos that otherwise looms beyond your front door. If you’re whiling to channel an emo pre-teen from the early 2000s then why not listen to this to this alone in your bedroom with the lights out, to make the experience extra space like.

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