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Gerry Cinnamon - 'The Bonny' Album Review

Updated: May 22

By Laurence Scott

The album (music, not photography) I’ve been looking forward to all year is out now! It’s The Bonny by Gerry Cinnamon, which is the follow up to 2017 Erratic Cinematic. But is it any good?

I love Gerry’s Scottish delicious dulcet tones on track 1, 'Canter'. The backing track is very simple in terms of the number of instruments, before the number of instruments increase. I like this because it makes the track varied compared to other parts of the song.

Not content with making a song that is varied during that track, Gerry has made an album that is varied from track 1. For the next track, called 'War Song Soldier', on The Bonny, Gerry takes a sombre, reflective and serious tone: appropriate for a song about war. A harmonica even makes an appearance! How often does that happen in a song? track 1 and track 3, called 'Where We’re Going', were the songs that I knew through radio play before the album was released. Compared to 'Canter', this song has more instruments, including lightning, thumping drums. It’s an unashamedly happy, summer-like song and, for that reason, it’s my favourite song on the album; if you like 'Sometimes' by Gerry Cinnamon, you’ll like this song because they are both happy songs.

Is lockdown stressing you out? Then it’s time to chill to 'Head in the Clouds': the “oooh oooh” part is particularly relaxing. track 4 cuts down the number of instruments, with a very satisfying stripped-back acoustic guitar. The harmonica makes a clever comeback with a difference: it’s used on an optimistic song, called 'Dark Days'. Because it is an optimistic song, I would love to see it get radio air play, getting released as a single. It also gets my praise for what I think is one of the best lyrics on the album: “Dark days but I got sun rays”.

'The Bonny' is track 6. I love the picture the lyrics paint in my mind: “A bonfire big and high; a fire so big that the flames light up the sky”. Similar to 'Canter', the song increases in the number of instruments used throughout the song, which I think works. I love the whistling on the introduction of the next track, 'Sun Queen'. In a break from the previous song, 'Sun Queen' includes more instruments from early on in the song.

I love the acoustic guitar in track 8, which is called 'Outsiders'. It’s a very honest song: “Because beneath this smile, I’m dying on the inside”. One thing I don’t like about this song that I feel Gerry Cinnamon is shouting at points. 'Roll the Credits' is track 9 on the album, which is a very reflective song. The line “Roll the credits, there’s no happy ending” is sombre, but somehow the harmonica gives the impression that the song is happier.

I like the way 'Mayhem' – which is track 10 on The Bonny – starts off quiet, with few instruments, then makes an opposing jump to more instruments later on. The acoustic guitar towards the start of the song is reminiscent of modern Latin pop, making a lovely change from other songs on the album. The album finishes with a marvellous song called every man’s truth. The acoustic guitar really makes the song sound reflective.

Overall: 9/10

Listen to the album below:

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