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Friday 5- Underrated Black Female UK Artists

By Seb Lloyd

This is a brand new section where we take 5 songs or 5 artists themed around a topic shaping our world today. This week I wanted to give a spotlight to some of the UK's best up-and- coming Black Female musicians who are set to push the bar higher for the tried and tested in all their respective genres.


TeeZandos has emerged intent on proving herself bar for bar in the often misogynistic, male dominated world of the UK drill scene. While other female artists like Ivorian Doll and Miss Lafamilia sexualise their videos and lyrics (and they have all right to do so if they wish). TeeZandos says “Fuck being normal, I want to be the oddest one.” If wanting to go toe to toe with the biggest in the scene purely on bars is TeeZandos mission, then I’m wholeheartedly on board.


‘Highlander’- no chorus or repeating hooks here, two and a half minutes of fierce bars ending on the line; ‘I still make man do toes on tens I ain’t talking sliders bitch.’ Oof.


Fans of Kali Uchis & Charlie XCX will be happy here but AMA’s Catchy R&B with home-mixed hip hop/garage influenced beats is hard to ignore for anyone with an ear for a dance able playlist.


‘Rush’ from AMA’s 2020 EP PIXELHEART has an infectious synth led garage beat and a super catchy chorus. Underplayed house party bop for when lockdown is over. ‘Monochrome’ and ‘Hour we on’ are similarly catchy.

Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks has been causing a stir ever since ‘Cola’ back in 2018, at just 19 years old, she might be the most popular person on this list right now. She has poetic lyricism with tasteful instrumentals in abundance and her sound is maturing with every release. Her songs often sound like an amalgamation of Billie Marten and Billie Eilish. Although at such a young age who knows how her sound could evolve.


‘Black Dog’- ‘I’d lick the grief right off your lips’ sings Parks in last month’s release. It's a vulnerable portrayal of a friend in need that really resonated with me in Lockdown. It has a sweet, soaring melody with Parks voice vulnerable and sombre. I've had it on repeat and its cathartic gold. For more I recommend EP Super Sad Generation.


Hackney-born singer Amahla is perhaps the gem of all gems, and the singer on this list closest to my heart, not like I’m biased or anything. Armed with a spine-tingling array of vocal tricks and trills, Amahla's socio-politically aware lyricism and arresting authenticity is instantly recognisable. I have no doubt that the future holds big things for her.


‘River’ was the first Amahla song I ever came across and I challenge you to not be seduced by the vocal performance. Her EP Consider this is one of my must listens from 2019, ‘Dorothy’s Verses’ is similarly irresistible.


Bristol born singer Yola brings soul vocals to serene, rich country ballads. Her 2019 album Walk Through Fire was produced by Dan Auerbach and is a truly impressive debut that elegantly combines some complex song writing with confident performances and easy listening. While only at the beginning of her career, Yola already looks like the full package.


‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.’- This Cover of Elton John’s classic closes her album on a truly bombastic note. I also recommend ‘Faraway Look.’

Happy Listening !

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