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Dua Lipa - 'Future Nostalgia' Album Review

Updated: May 22

By Laurence Scott

Did you know who the most streamed female artist on Spotify is? The answer might surprise you: Dua Lipa. Future Nostalgia is Dua’s second album and is her first full album since Dua Lipa in 2017.

Track 1 is Future Nostalgia. I like the robotic voice in this song, which reminds me of parts of 'The Man' by The Killers (even though I don’t think it’s the best song by The Killers). Additionally, I like the electric guitar part of this song. I also love the beat of this song. There’s perhaps a bit of a 1980s feel to it. As someone who considers himself to be a feminist, I love the fact that feminism seems to come up as a theme on the album: Dua sings about being a “female alpha”. I like the ‘mysterious’ bits of the backing track to this song. I think 'Future Nostalgia' could be a song to look out for/listen out for in the future! By the way, I love the title Future Nostalgia: you can’t be nostalgic about something that hasn’t arrived yet.

'Don’t Start Now' is track 2, which is a good song, but I prefer 'Physical' for some reason. I like the bass part of this song because it gives it a disco feel; it’s a disco song for people who, like me, don’t like disco.

'Cool' is track 3, which is a love song, nicely summing up what I’m like around anyone I fancy: “Got me losing all my cool”. I like Dua Lipa’s voice throughout the album, but it is particularly good on this track.

Track 4 is called 'Physical' is a dance track that’ll stick a rocket up any day! It’s therefore my favourite song of the album. It’s my favourite song of the year so far, as well. It’s a fast song, so I like it! The song actually starts off a bit spooky; it has a mysterious sound to it. Dua Lipa has a good history of making memorable songs, such as new rules; 'Physical' is Dua Lipa at her best.

'Levitating' is track 5, which is my least favourite song on the album because it’s lyrics are too repetitive for me. 'Pretty Please' is track 6 on the album. I love the instrumental of this song. The thing I most love about this song is the bass part. It’s a quieter song than some others on the album. I like the sultriness in Dua’s voice at one point.

I love the introduction, before the singing, to track 7, 'Hallucinate'. I love the beat to this song and there’s a few songs that cause that reaction for me on this album: the album gives you good value for money. I think this is a song that could be a stand-alone single and might get radio play if it does. 'Hallucinate' is reminiscent of a Lady Gaga song.

The violins in track 8, which is called 'Love Again', create a change from other songs on the album, which is good. I love the combination of real instruments and electronic ones on this song. Track 9 is called 'Break My Heart'. It’s another track that I like the bass part to; the bass part reminds me of 'Another One Bites the Dust a Bit'. 'Good In Bed' is track 10 and I like the clicking fingers in it.

Dua Lipa doesn’t hide her opinions on this album and 'Boys Will Be Boys' is no exception to that rule. She sings about how she feels girls are asked to grow up quicker than boys. It’s a bit of a change because it is a ballad. To conclude, I think it’s my favourite album of 2020 so far and Dua Lipa is the best female pop artist to emerge the 2010s.


Listen to Future Nostalgia here:

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