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Christine and the Queens - 'La Vita Nuova' Album Review

By Laurence Scott

If you took the backing track from 'Vienna' by Ultravox and Christine and the Queens’s vocals

into a song blending machine, you would end up with something similar to the backing track

'People, I’ve Been Sad', track 1 from Christine and the Queens’s new EP, La vita nuova. I love the synths on this track; it’s a poppy, electronic start to the record. I also love the echo on their vocals and it's bassline. Despite being about now being in a good mood, there is some of it that’s quite downbeat (e.g. 2:15 in) because of the backing track. I love the panning on the vocals: the term for when audio is distribution to the left or right speaker that you’ll particularly notice with headphones on.

'People, I’ve Been Sad' leads onto 'Je Disparais Dans Tes Bras' (track 2) which should have been released as a single, instead of track 1: the deep, dark backing track reminds me of 'Supernova' by Mr. Hudson (feat. Kanye West), which was a good song as well. There is more singing in French, compared to track 1. Je Disparais Dans Tes Bras is my favourite track on the EP (even if I don’t understand what it means!). One thing I don’t like about this song is the man shouting in the background, coming out of the left speaker.

I like the piano part to the next track (track 3) from the EP, 'Mountains (We Met)'.

Unfortunately, that’s where my enjoyment of this song stops: the lyrics are way too

repetitive for my taste, so it is my least favourite song on the record. The song sounds

quite thoughtful, a bit like track 1; it’s quite downbeat. Compared to track 2, there is less

synth on this track. I like the parts of the song that are talking, it works quite well.

I love the dance vibe of the backing track to track 4, 'La Vita Nouva' (the title track to the E.P.);

it’s similar to the anthem 'Gone' by Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens. The song, 'La Vita Nouva', starts of quiet and gets louder: the energy levels go up as the song goes on. I really like the echo to the vocals on this song.

The final song on La Vita Nuova is 'I Disappear In Your Arms' (bonus). I won’t focus much on this track because it is just a different version of Je Disparais Dans Tes Bras. All in all, I enjoyed all the songs on the EP, apart from track 3.


Listen to the album below

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