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Caribou - 'Suddenly' Album Review

Updated: Mar 8

By Morgan Burdick

Caribou’s newest album, Suddenly, is the perfect university soundtrack. In recent years, Dan Snaith has slowed down from club tracks to an eclectic, moody sound. This transition reflects the changes in his personal life with an emphasis on family. Despite the slower pace, the album remains uplifting and iridescent.

The album opens with ‘Sister’, easing the listener into the album slowly, eventually bringing them to ‘You and I’, which sets the tone for the album with a retro yet futuristic sound. I personally love walking into lectures with this track, or doing some early morning laundry. I’ve found that the album as a whole is great for waking up at a gentle, slow pace, and similarly serves well as an addition to a study playlist. ‘Sunny’s Time’ is a great example of this, as it is calming without being sleepy. The r&b style beat is perfect for working on an essay or reading, yet not distracting.

Some of the songs feel as though they are made for a video montage. ‘New Jade’ is perfect for strolling through Eaton Park and putting some pep in your step. This moves into ‘Home’ a soulful piece possibly reflecting Snaith’s shift into parenthood. The track breaks up the bubbly, colourful music with a nostalgic sound. It makes me crave a morning coffee, and perks me up when it comes through my headphones.

‘Filtered Grand Piano’ serves as a classical intermission. While fifty odd seconds of piano is soothing, it seems to be a bit of a random placement. The song doesn’t mark much of a change in the album’s development. This would be my biggest critique of the album; it feels discombobulated.

The album is 43 minutes long and the tracks within that space seem a bit all over the place. Each song is given a disservice in the layout of the tracks. With this in mind, the album remains one of my favourites for its calming impression and usefulness as a study track. Overall, the Suddenly is an ethereal dive into Caribou’s new experiences with parenthood and domestic life, reflected in the slow pace of the album.


Listen to the album below:

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