• Katie Sarginson

Bombay Bicycle Club at the LCR Review (06/02/20)

Updated: May 22

Bombay Bicycle Club returned for an UNBOMBAYLIEVABLE evening at the LCR on their comeback tour - Everything Else Has Gone Wrong. After a four-year hiatus Bombay Bicycle Club and their support were able to sell out the venue and put on a show that absolutely blasted all of my already high expectations out of the water and had me dancing from beginning to end. 

The first support artist was Liz Lawrence who is supporting Bombay Bicycle Club as their backing singer on the tour and collaborated with them on their recent album. Her fun and uplifting energy made her a perfect fit for Bombay’s support and tracks such as "Navigator" had the crowd dancing along to her synthy and cheerful music. The Big Moon followed up with an energetic set that emitted everything great about girl power. The Big Moon dug out some nostalgic tracks off of their debut album, Love in the 4th Dimension. Tracks like "Cupid" showcased the band’s already large popularity as the crowd were merrily singing throughout the set. The girls also showcased songs off of their new album such as "Your Light" which had the crowd bobbing from side to side, warming them up for Bombay Bicycle Club. The stand out of the set however came in the form of "Praise You" by Fatboy Slim. It was not an easy song for an indie-pop band to pull off but it was an incredible cover of an incredible song. 

After a brief interlude, the lights dipped, the crowd hummed and bustled with ecstasy and Bombay Bicycle Club walked out onto the stage into the open arms of their adoring fans. The band opened with "Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)", the first single released off the album. The song welcomed a call and response from the eager audience who cheerfully sung the repetitive lyrics over and over back at the band. This transitioned into "Is It Real" which set the audience’s toes tapping as Jack Steadman vocalised the nostalgic track which looks back onto Bombay Bicycle Club’s journey as a band and smiled as he sung. The rest of the band bopped around the stage and were clearly just having a good time with their best friends which was really lovely to see. 

One of the standout tracks of the evening was the So Long, See You Tomorrow banger - "Feel". This indie-electronic anthem was jam-packed with brass, bongo samples and boogieing and represented the feel good energy that Bombay Bicycle Club never fails to deliver. The band held great audience interaction the whole way through and had the crowd clapping in unison as the musical layers built up and entangled to create what is frankly a bop. If one indian-styled track wasn’t enough, the band had us dancing to "I Can Hardly Speak"  with our hands held up high in wonderous lucidity before catapulting into "Your Eyes". Feet were stomping, everyone was clapping and by this point my voice was extremely hoarse from singing every lyric of every song at the top of my lungs. The band bathed in the energy radiating off the audience and continued to jump around the stage whilst trying to get the crowd to clap along to the pulsating drums that ran throughout. Everyone around me in the crowd was dancing, smiling, shouting "your eeeeeeeyes" back at the band and letting this incredible gig wash over them in all of its nostalgic galore. 

Although it was a shoe-stomper, the gig mellowed out with calmer tracks such as "Home By Now" where Liz Lawrence’s vocals shone through as her and Steadman harmonized the track’s well-known chorus. "Good Day" also made an appearance and Steadman was largely left on his own to represent the band’s deeply personal new track. As Jack Steadman stood there with his angelic vocals projecting themselves over the crowd you could hear a hum of audience members singing the lyrics back which was a wonderful element to the gig. The band then craftily transitioned into "How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep", a wistful and whimsical tune which quite frankly slaps. 

The gig rounded itself off with "Always Like This", one of the most popular tracks Bombay Bicycle Club have produced so far in their career. In this finalé the crowd and the band seemed to boogie like they’d never boogied before in celebration of a wonderful evening. During the bridge everyone had their hands in the air and sang along and it was a joy to be amongst so many fans who loved their music. This must have brought some comfort to the band after such a long time out of performing! 

Overall, i think this was one of the best gigs i have ever witnessed at the LCR and i left the venue beaming from ear to ear (my cheeks actually really ache). Bombay Bicycle Club are experienced performers who know how to bounce off of the responses from their fans and turn in into infectious, wholesome and happy energy. What an amazing band and an amazing evening. 

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