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Halsey- 'Manic' Album Review

Halsey here took an ambitious leap to create such a raw and diverse album which paid off. The distance Halsey had between herself and her stories in her first two albums Badlands and Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is erased here in Manic exposing her inner troubles with such brilliant lyrical content.

Halsey, in an interview with Rolling Stone last year described Manic as ‘’hip-hop, rock, country, f*cking everything’’ which perfectly encompasses the album. The range in this album will without a doubt keep you entertained. Her artistic and personal growth stands out here and we are witnessing Halsey moving away from alternative rock filled with fantasy and melodrama to confidently exploring a wider range of styles.

'You Should Be Sad' is Halsey’s dive into country-pop which she pulls off with ease and will defiantly become an iconic break-up jam. 'I HATE EVERYBODY' and 'Still Learning' complement each other well, both tackling the issue of self-love to create unique and striking tracks. 'I HATE EVERYBODY' is not as angry as the title may suggest and Still Learning is so far my favourite track from the album.

'Finally// Beautiful Stranger' is a refreshing change of pace for Halsey. Halsey’s powerful vocals and a guitar make for one simple, but beautiful love song. Halsey’s collaboration with BTS member, SUGA in 'SUGA’s Interlude' is exceedingly better than 'Alanis’ Interlude'. Despite the language barrier as SUGA’s rap is sung in Korean you still feel moved by his voice. 'Dominic’s Interlude' is in my opinion the best out of the three.

Halsey completely strips back with the heart-breaking yet hopeful 'More' written about her struggles with her reproductive health and is her most personal song on the album. You feel her loss and heartbreak, hitting you in ways you won’t imagine. 'Ashley' and '929' start and end the album excellently. She starts off Manic with her deepest and most troubling thoughts to ending it accepting and valuing all her flaws.

No song in Manic sounds the same and yet it is still cohesive. Manic is a triumph for Halsey and is without a doubt worth a listen. Her growing confidence as an artist is clear here and is an inspiring first step on this new path she is taking. The beautiful lyrics and honest reflection of her life experiences create, by far, her best work yet. Although many of the songs could have been longer you still are left feeling entertained and moved.

Listen to the album below:

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