• Killian Carline

Yungblud at the LCR Review 24/11/19

Insane! I don’t think any other word is worth using to describe the gig last night. Yungblud is such a brilliant singer and it shows when the queue to see him goes all the way up to the accommodation, a longer queue than A-list! But waiting in that queue to see Yungblud play would’ve have been so worth it. I can’t relate because I headed to the bar for a Snakey B while the queue died down.We knew when he was about to come out onto the stage when the roar of the crowd stopped and the lights turned off and then suddenly his name was lit up in white flashing lights. Yungblud came running onto the stage and everyone started screaming.

I was really looking forward to hearing all of my favourite Yungblud songs like “I think I’m okay, Parents, California & Hope for the under rated youth” and he played all of them which was so fantastic. He even played a new song that hasn’t been released yet. His whole outfit was so sick. Halfway through the show he disappeared for a bit and came onto the stage in a skirt and flashed the crowd. Then he gave a speech on identity, relationships and being yourself, which is why I like Yungblud because he’s such a positive role model and works to change stereotypes.

Yungblud gave 110% from the start of the gig right up till the end. He ran all around the stage making an effort to talk to the crowd and getting everyone involved with his performance. There was a point in the night when Yungblud finished his bottle of water and through it into the crowd and everyone went mad for it. It was like a damn good t-shirt, it almost started a fight. Then the whole venue went silent, the stage was black and Yungblud wasn’t anywhere to be seen. A few minutes later he was in the middle of the crowd for a good ten minutes singing with everyone. I was right at the back so all I saw was his hair.

Near the end of the night before his last few songs Yungblud played his song on the acoustic guitar. It was so nice to listen to him play that song because it was so different from the others. Right at the end of the show Yungblud told us he would be outside to do a meet and greet. Which was so sick and when the security was trying to bring away from the crowd he stayed for another 5 minutes. It was such a great night and I’d say it was so much better seeing him at the LCR than at Leeds.

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