• Killian Carline

Reel Big Fish at Epic Studios Review 20/11/19

I didn’t know what to expect before turning up at epic studios to see Reel Big Fish. It was the first time I had ever heard of them and the night before I listened to their Spotify. My flatmate who likes their music told me that it would be a great night and they did not disappoint. They put on such an expert show playing all of their hits including their covers. You could see that they were so excited to be here in our fine city and that really transferred into their stage presence and performance. There was so much energy in that venue and it got everyone grooving and moving.

At one point the band’s singer jumped off the stage holding a trumpet and began parading around the audience while playing the trumpet. He did a whole circuit of the room before chucking the trumpet back on stage and then coming back up to sing. Most of the band teased us in the audience with them pretending they were going to crowd serve and each time we all fell for it. Reel Big Fish made everyone get for the drop by getting down low and like many a damn good dj they skipped the drop. Which was quite funny. The drummer of the band was on a mad one, he went for an all out solo for a minute or two. When you thought the solo had finished that when it started up again. It was really cool to see.

They even graced the audience with an encore which saw a trumpet solo and the band’s singer doing a solo on the electric guitar on the back of his shoulders. Which was so sick to see. Reel Big Fish were so much fun to see and I will be going back to see them again if they ever come to Norwich. And, I’d encourage anyone else to go see them because they put on a great show that you’ll be thinking about for a while.

Reel Big Fish was a brilliant part of the night but the night was also amazing because we got to see their support act. Who did a fantastic job. Spunge came on the stage first and then Lightyear just before Reel Big Fish. I really enjoyed their performances because they really involved the crowd and got everyone excited for the main act. There was one point in the night when Lightyear were playing where someone dropped their phone on stage. And, then the band’s singer opened up the phone and called the persons mum, eventually giving the phone back to the owner. All in all, it was a brilliant night and all the bands put on a great show.

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