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Shanti Celeste - 'Tangerine' Album Review

Another talented DJ has taken the bold move to step off of the dance floor and into the studio to bring us what is frankly an excellent album. Shanti Celeste's debut album Tangerine emits ethereal, ambient and hypnotic energy and joins the likes of other female DJ's such as Peggy Gou by bringing us a great dance album set to get your feet grooving wherever you are.

Taking influences from dance genres such as house and techno, the Bristolian DJ takes us on a wild audiological journey through beats and space. The album is an artistic and immersive project and features Celeste using a variety of different instruments including a kalimba, sampling and her own vocals, using them in different ways to capture a variety of very different sounds.

Tangerine teases it's listeners, dipping in and out of expressive, fast-paced dance anthems and more peaceful tracks that could be played whilst you have a relaxing bath. 'Sun Notification' - the first track off the album - replicates the rising sun and it's warm and warping synth undertones, soothing vocals and rippling harp samples emulate something that would not be out of place in your morning meditation class. Similarly, the calm and ambient track 'Slow Wave' provides the perfect soundtrack for those wanting to study late at night. Shanti Celeste's hauntingly beautiful vocals envelop you and leave you feeling emotionally detoxed before more frenzied tracks such as 'Vox - Instrumental' invade your eardrums.

If ambience isn't quite your cup of tea and you live for the nightlife, fear not. This is an album written by a DJ who enjoys losing herself in clubs, Boiler Room sets and techno and therefore fast-paced, sweaty dance tracks are essential to this album, accompanied by fast percussion and hypnotic synth melodies. Tracks such as 'Want' and 'Sesame' perfectly encapsulate the dance floor atmosphere, complete with thumping baselines and pulsing, alarm-like synth patterns. With a good speaker, some friends, and a light machine you could set up your own little Warehouse Project, Celeste has produced this album so crisply it would be as if she was there anyway.

If you would like to get lost in 46 minutes of immersive, ambient and punchy goodness, Shanti Celeste has just provided the perfect album for you. Grab a good pair of headphones/earphones, crank the volume up and let the music take your body over. Enjoy!


Listen to Tangerine below:

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