• Georgia Savva

Mahalia at the LCR Review 17/11/2019

Yes. Mahalia is absolutely stunning and talented in person in real life as well. Before getting deeper into how amazing Mahalia was though, lemme tell you great Hamzaa, her opening act was. Hamzaa totally got the crowed singing and engage with her from the second she stepped on the stage. Her amazing energy and voice would definitely remind you of that 'Sunday Morning'. A few of the songs she performed were 'Sunday Morning', 'London', 'Write It Down' and 'Breathing'. May add that her guitarist and drummer were also incredible.

Opening with 'Hide Out', Mahalia effortlessly made the crowd dance and sing along with her. All I could hear around me was how gorgeous she looked. And it was not a lie. She looked confident without overdoing it with her makeup. She wore a simple and casual backless cropped top with a pair of baggy corduroy trousers, which she even admitted that wouldn't choose to wear comfortably in the past.

The heavenly looking stage was covered in flowers. Legit. There were even lamps hanging from the top with flowers wrapped around them. I suppose the props and decor, were a reference to her angelic voice? I wouldn't be able to decide which song was my favorite as she GENUINELY NAILED ALL OF THEM. I do love 'What Am I' and 'Regular People' (which Hamzaa came back on stage to sing with her) a little bit more, may admit, but performance wise, I don't think I can actually choose one.

The little talks she made before of the songs gave me goosebumps as she talked about the importance of voting and inner as well as body confidence. As her audience were mostly young adults, she encouraged everyone to vote for our future. Considering that her album is mostly about her love life, she then explained when and why she wrote each one of them.

Overall, everything was AMAZING. We laughed, we sang, we danced but they most definitely both of Mahalia and Hamzaa, passed on their energy and good vibes to the crowd. I'm so looking forward to listen more work from them!

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