• Tom Pinkney

Motörheadache at The Waterfront Review 09/11/19

Motörheadache captures everything great about Motörhead and keeps it alive for everyone like me too young to appreciate their live presence in their prime, utilising everything from the position of the microphone to Lemmy’s spitting image and sound to the legend himself.

I usually go to gigs by myself and this one was no different, I started the evening pretty exhausted after my day, not really in the mood to be social and not too fussed about how close I was to the stage and then Motörheadache played their set, I had felt encouraged enough to partake in the modest but nonetheless exhilarating mosh pit and really had to urge myself to leave the venue once their set was over. Motörheadache all in all made me appreciate Motörhead more than I already do.

Their Guitarist and Drummer were only filling in for this particular show for unknown reasons which didn’t take too much away, Lemmy being the most constant and memorable member of the original band makes him the selling attraction of a Motörhead tribute band and like most tribute bands they maintain their façade to the letter from introducing everyone by their counterpart band members name to showing the attitudes that were acceptable for a band contemporary to the time of Motörhead's prime showing some pretty profane language and somewhat promiscuous attitudes towards women and homosexual men, attitudes that probably wouldn’t be very acceptable for a new band nowadays; they also showed an element of self-awareness by acknowledging the present day such as who in the room like me who wouldn’t have been alive to remember certain points in the band’s history he refers to.

If you’re a huge Motörhead fan or someone who doesn’t really know Motörhead or that much about heavy metal and want to get a taste for something traditional you will not be disappointed by Motörheadache

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