• Callum Lidington

Lil Mosey - 'Certified Hitmaker' Album Review

By the age of 17 few have achieved as much as Lil Mosey; 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify, over 300 million streams on single ‘Noticed’, touring with Juice WRLD, and a certified Freshman of XXL’s class of 2019, alongside talent such as Tierra Whack, YBN Cordae and DaBaby. Lil Mosey belongs to the new breed of Soundcloud rapper that have become all too prominent in recent years following the explosion of success seen by others who had humble beginnings on the audio sharing platform; Lil Pump, 6ix9ine and Lil Uzi Vert to name a few. The hype surrounding Lil Mosey is fairly subdued from a critic perspective. Despite his achievements, his previous projects and singles have shown little personality, his delivery is toned down and melodic, the beats are something you can bump to, but nothing that will set the world a light. Despite this, Mosey has managed to build a massive following who are more than satisfied with his chilled out approach and steady trap beats.

So here we are. Lil Mosey’s first studio album, Certified Hitmaker. Is this album a hit? No. No it really isn’t. This album is by far one of the blandest releases of 2019, much like Lil Mosey’s previous material the lyrics are shallow and boring. He raps about drugs a lot, he sounds like he’s on them while he’s recording much of this album, his delivery and vocal style is so lazy and spaced out it’s almost impossible to understand. The instrumentals on this project are so generic and have so little variety, instead of this being a 14-track torture chamber, it’s a 1 track torture chamber that lasts 35 minutes because every song has the exact same beat, vocals and lyrical content.

Trying to find the positives in this album is an incredibly challenging task. The Best track is the opener, ‘So Fast’, it has decent energy but even then, there is no passion or ingenuity in any aspect of the vocal delivery or instrumental. There is very little to save this album from being the 1/10 it deserves to be. It’s hard to give any insight or detail about individual tracks because they are exact clones of each other meaning any one of them has fair shout at being the least ambitious, most boring, or straight up worst tracks of the year. Perhaps the worst thing about this album is its lack of ambition. It carries no intent to make the listener feel any kind of emotion, its so inoffensive and generic that it’s painful to listen to. The album looks even worse compared to projects of the other XXL freshman, Tierra Whack’s 2018 release ‘Whack World’ and YBN Cordae’s 2019 release ‘The Lost Boy’ were both very strong debuts far above anything Lil Mosey has released.

This is a very strong competitor for worst album of the year.


Please do not check out the album below:

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