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Wild Paths 2019 Review

Norwich's first Wild Paths festival was a huge success and is clearly a sign of great things to come, many members of the Livewire music team went to some of the myriad gigs across the weekend and here are our highlights.

Laura Misch

The lofty space of The Shoe Factory was the ideal setting to see the multi-instrumentalist from South London perform beautiful, ethereal renditions of her experimental tracks. Before each song, she talked of the inspiration behind them, explaining for example how ‘Glass Shards’ was about the frustration of not being able to climb the skyline of London. Her heavy synth backing tracks, transcendent vocals, intermittent use of the sax and her joy for sharing her art created a capturing performance.

-Georgia Edwards

Black Honey

The Waterfront hosted one of Britain’s most exciting up and coming bands on Saturday night. Black Honey, a Brighton indie rock quartet, noted for their “Tarantino-esque” sound, raised the roof. Crowd pleasers such as “I Only Hurt the Ones I Love”, “Spinning Wheel” and “Hello Today” produced rapturous response from the crowd, with the band exuding charisma and personality through a storming set. The pulsating energy was electrifying and absorbed from the crowd, manifesting into their final track “Midnight”, a stomping rock and disco influenced track accompanied by wild dancing on stage and a standout guitar interlude proving one thing - Black Honey are one of the bands to watch for the 2020s.

-Izzy Millen

Heavy Lungs Upstairs at Voodoo Daddy’s was the perfect place to have Heavy Lungs spew their talent all over us. There was a lot of good sweat on me. Everytime that frontman Danny Nedelko waded into the crowd with the mic the room was alive, he even bear hugged me to get us all up and ready for the big fat energy. Highlight of the set for me was either their new(ish) track (a bit of a) Birthday from their EP released earlier this month on Balley Records. Or the drummer taking the mic and maniacally screaming out to the crowd in search of some orange juice, then immediately apologising. If you ever get the chance to see Heavy Lungs don’t you dare miss it because I will be very upset and maybe never speak to you again if i find out.

-Callum McWilliams


On return from a small-scale tiny hiatus, Superglu were back in Norwich melting faces at the upstairs of Karma Kafe. The infectious energy of ‘Diving Bell’ immediately captivated the room with bodies smashing into each other and pints being reduced to puddles on the wooden floor. Superglu have a way of crafting a rich pallet of vibrant punk infused pop with askew melodies and beautifully wry lyrics. For me, the highlight of the set is crowd pleaser ‘Latvian’ which holds one of my all time favourite lyrics as the hook - ‘I know you don’t speak Latvian but Es mīlu Tevi’. This comical yet intensely wholesome refrain is only one example of how Superglu create an environment where even the most passive listener will want to dance the night away. During their last song, ‘Weekend’, chaos ensued as Krista Lynch (bass & vocals) leaped into the crowd, whilst Ben Brown (lead guitar & vocals) grated his guitar against the speakers creating a sadistic carving motion, it really was some finale!!

It fills me with joy that Superglu are back creating bedlam amongst crowds again. If you ever get a chance to catch a Superglu set, please please please don’t miss it!!

-Joe Maguire

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