• Alex Holland

Feet at the Waterfront Review 29/10/19

Feet: The most unpredictable band in the world. I don’t think anyone knows what they’re going to do, even their members would struggle I bet. They’ve recently released a debut album that is packed full of bangers that from the surface seem absolutely meaningless in the topics but remain bangers all the same, I’d call this band a breath of fresh air in a genre filled with tired love songs and arctic monkeys rip offs. I entered the waterfront with this belief and it was definitely not brought into question.

First a word for the local support act: I would stress that this band is technically very proficient however I think they would benefit from a new lead singer to bring a better energy to the front of the stage. I love to see Norwich bands in The Waterfront and I think if this band made some tweaks to their tunes they could really stand out.

Onto Feet, the men of the moment. These Portsmouth rockers came out to a crowd that, despite not being a sell-out, were definitely filling the room. The energy the band give off on stage is simply contagious and even the most reserved of fans will find themselves bouncing off the walls. Lead singer George sports a mutton chop style beard as he bounces round the stage, nearly hitting his head on the roof at times all the while the lead guitarist could be seen throwing his best shapes between chords. A seriously fun band to watch.

With haircuts that’d make any barber jump, this rabble brought a real party to The Waterfront. It’s this atmosphere that created a breeding ground for such a good gig. It’s clear to everyone that they’re having a good time which makes it hard to dislike them. The boys are enjoying themselves so much up there you just want to have a go yourself. Antics ranging from a guitarist on all fours for the aptly named ‘Dog walking’ as well the bassist taking a tumble after clambering on a box side of stage, I cannot stress enough how entertaining this band are.

On top of all this energy, bouncing all around fun comes the tunes themselves. A blast of what I’d describe as ‘indie rock ‘n roll having a meltdown’ but even this doesn’t fit all of the anthems Feet produce. Some lean towards a more punk framework while songs such as ‘English weather’ fall very much into the indie pop category. What they all have in common is that they’re absolute bangers. Each and every one has something different about it and is like nothing you’ve ever heard before, I can guarantee that. Feet are one of those rare bands that come around every once in a while with some truly original material and that should be celebrated massively.

This gig was the best I have seen in Norwich so far. Pure passion from band and fans alike brought The Waterfront to life. I have no doubt this band will go onto bigger and better things in no time at all and they’ll have fun doing it. The fact that it didn’t sell out this time round is a travesty. After seeing them live I can confidently say: I love this band and everything they do.

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