• Georgia Edwards

Swim Deep at The Waterfront Review 21/10/19

Having supported bands such as The 1975, Swim Deep aren’t strangers to the big stage. However, despite lacking in magnitude, the upstairs room of The Waterfront is the perfect setting for a wholesome, intimate gig with a band that have maintained their fan base despite the change of line-up and intermittent breaks.

The supporting act, Phoebe Green, kicked off the evening with some laid back, body swaying, indie pop. With candid conversation between each song, the Manchester born singer relaxed the room with her more notable songs such as ‘Dreaming Of’ and ‘Easy Peeler’, for which she remarked her tangerine coloured top felt appropriate.

Swim Deep opened their set with the first track from their debut album, 'Francisco'. Lead vocalist, Austin Williams, with an iridescent yellow head of hair similar to late 1990s Eminem, oozed excitement and encouraged the crowd to join in. Having little knowledge of their discography, I was pleasantly surprised by their blend of genres. Staying true to their indie rock roots, the band effortlessly glided through songs such as; ‘0121 Desire’ from their new album Emerald Classics with catchy hooks that easily got the audience moving, ‘The Sea’ with its light-hearted lyrics and followed by ‘World I Share’ sounding similar to Coldplay from their 2015 album Head Full Of Dreams with Williams stretching his arms wide, eyes closed during the chorus. However, ‘Fueiho Boogie’ from the bands 2015 album Mothers with the fast past beat and Austin’s spoken lyrics sparked an energy that far transcended anything from the set so far.

After the abridged performance of the psychedelic inspired number, the band responded to the audience chants and came back to the stage to perform their three biggest tracks, all from their first album Where The Heaven Are We; ‘Too Feel Good’, ‘She Changes the Weather’ and ‘King City’. After what had felt like a very structured set, the band loosened up, keyboardist James Balmont’s shirt came off and they William’s bounded round the stage.

Despite moments of feeling as though they were going through the motions, the five- piece from Birmingham have earned their place in the indie rock scene and have a strong, dedicated following. At its core, Swim Deep are a feel-good band. Everyone was there to have a good time and they did not fail to deliver.

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