• Cameron Cade

YUNGBLUD - 'the underrated...' EP Review

The new EP by artist YUNGBLUD just dropped called underrated youth. The EP is hopefully a sign of some amazing music to come, but unfortunately falls flat with some tracks and is unable to live up to the powerful sound that came with his debut 21st Century Liability.

YUNGBLUD’s new EP starts off well, punching you straight in the face with the track “braindead!”. The song's powerful bassline is the centrepiece of this track. During the chorus, the bassline is accompanied by an amazingly designed backing vocal part, that makes me smile whenever I hear it. His punk influence can be heard loud and clear with this first track. The guitar within this song has moments where it sounds like the soundtrack to a 50’s spaghetti western film. In short, this song shows the potential that YUNGBLUD has with the heavier side of his music.

Unfortunately, the album is unable to keep up with the amazing start. However, the vocal performance on this album kept the EP interesting. The raw energy that comes from his voice lifts almost every song on the EP, stopping some of them from becoming stale.

The song “parents” is also one of the better songs from the album. Acting as a perfect example of the hip-hop sound that also makes an appearance. This song seems heavily influenced by Twenty One Pilots, with a reggae style drum section and a brilliant vocal section yet again.

The final song of the album is potentially the weakest. It has the most uninteresting vocal performance on the album. The song does not feel consistent with the tone of the rest of the album had set thus far. This might’ve been fixed if it’s position within the EP was swapped with songs like “hope for the underrated youth” which feels more like a fitting end to the EP with its singalong chorus that is likely to become a staple of live shows.

Overall, this EP shows that YUNGBLUD is an artist that deserves the attention he is getting. Every track except one was an enjoyable listen at least, but only one or two of them stood out as one’s worth listening to repeatedly. Hopefully, there will be more to come from him like his debut and the best of this EP.


Check out the album in full below:

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