• Georgia Edwards

BODEGA - 'Shiny New Model' EP Review

BODEGA scream for as much attention as their name suggests. Following the release of their debut album ‘Endless Scroll’ in 2018, closely followed by ‘Witness Scroll’ this year, the band from Brooklyn are back again to keep the punk renaissance alive. You may have heard some of the tracks from their Shiny New Model EP which have been sporadically released as singles over the past six months, in which you could have guessed the continuation of giving the finger to pop culture.

'Shiny New Model' sets the tone with a smattering of spicy yet simplistic guitar riffs, featuring throughout the whole EP. The lead vocalist’s, Ben Hozie, almost spoken lyrics sigh at the waste of consumerism, casually mentioning brands like a musical Andy Warhol. Like their previous albums, the five-piece keep their message precise like in ‘No Vanguard Revival’. The hypnotic bassline just about gets going in a track barely a minute long, exploding in your ears with Montana Simone’s heavy drum beat.

‘Knife On The Platter’ feels like a grungier version of ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ by Simple Minds. Embodying the same hell-raising resistance as the characters of The Breakfast Club, BODEGA enjoy the destructive sound of a garage band with the lyrics dripping in irony to match. In this track and like in most of their discography, the dynamic back and forth between Hozie and co-vocalist Nikki Belfigio with their slurring New York accents gives their sound vigour. The snappy dialogue sets the pace to their enthused and charismatic vibe.

Unusually, Belfigio takes the lead with ‘Domesticated Animal’. The song skips through the notions of control, both from the experience of being a woman, and our attachment to technology. With her zesty vocals having the similar sticky, but much cooler, sound of The Ting Tings lead vocalist and guitarist Katie White alongside the computerised beat, this track steps back from the punk rock and roll scene and feels like a more thoughtfully constructed piece.

BODEGA are a band designed to give irony a voice. They keep it simple, occasionally romantic when singing “her blue eyes have a misty air that project she is better than this” in ‘Treasures Of The Ancient World’ and never quite condemning. Despite punk rock emerging from the United States in the mid 1970’s, BODEGA show this genre can be used to make a modern-day issue relatable.The bands tirade of cynicism towards today’s culture is not venomous, but more of an exasperated eye-roll, which has continued to be shown in Shiny New Model. They are the adolescents who grew up and realised their parents aren’t to blame, saw the bigger picture, decided to put that message across and have a good time doing it.


Listen to the album in full:

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