• Hannah Jault

Easylife at the Waterfront Review 15/10/19

The wait to see Easylife had begun since before I even arrived at UEA and it was a huge surprise to find other people that actually enjoyed the jazzy, chill music that Easylife create with so much ease.

They opened with ‘Earth’, my personal favourite, which certainly set the night up well. Managing to be on time like they did, always puts everyone in a good mood. After a few of minutes of manoeuvring past overly obsessed couples, me and a friend were just 2 rows from the barrier, and it was very apparent that the band successfully filled the stage with talent and people, making it a very immersive experience. The Heineken-drinking lead singer went back and forth as they performed the boppy tunes but stayed stationary during the emotional ‘Temporary love’, parts 1 and 2. The whole crowd slowed and swayed together. You can’t fall over if everyone is falling over at the same time, right?

It was coincidentally one of the band member's birthdays, good old sax man Sam who played the bass and the saxophone turning 24. This was then the first time they performed pockets. He clambered out into the crowd and took the mic into the centre and sang his lungs out. That was after he’d blown out birthday candles and done maybe one too many tequila shots.

A couple of bangers later and the guitarist decided he needed a break, being as close as I was meant worthy of a knuckle touch, made my night to be honest. The great atmosphere continued until 'Nightmares', when the lead thought it would be a laugh to crowd surf for the entirety of ‘Nightmares’. The ceilings in the waterfront are low, every time he would go under the lower parts, his band mates would look worried and keep glancing side of stage as if there was anyone that could prevent a major head trauma.

‘Nightmares’ was meant to be Easylife’s final song but the shouts for encore from the crowd were so enthusiastic that they added what must have been fifteen minutes to the end of the show. They repeated pockets for the second and third time during which the lead did multiple extraordinarily things. They included taking a bite out of a lemon, a couple more tequila shots between the members and stripping to his underwear to sing the final bit.

It was safe to say the night was eventful but the atmosphere and pardon the pun, easy-going nature of the gig made it a quality evening. I would very much recommend seeing the band life if you get the chance, even more so if its in a smaller venue when you can really experience the great musical talent.

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