• Morgan Burdick

Euphoria Soundtrack: A Score by Labrinth

Up until now I had considered Euphoria to have a largely visual focus. The eye catching makeup and costumes, paired with the unique lighting and sets immersed the viewer into the world of American suburbia. However, I was entirely wrong. Listening to Labrinth’s Score from Euphoria transformed my walks to the bus stop into a high school party through songs such as ‘Gangster’. But tracks like ‘Formula’ catapulted me back into the hot classroom surrounded by cement walls and posters of famous American figures.

Whenever any of my friends question the bizarre teenage experience I faced in the USA, I tell them to watch Euphoria. The HBO series has successfully depicted the American high school experience in all of its entirety. The Score has had a large role in its success, by creating tracks like ‘When I R.I.P’, that genuinely could be played at a Pres.

Besides bringing an overwhelming sense of nostalgia to the table, the soundtrack also serves well for Uni life. Need to enter the Hot Girl Semester mindset? Play ‘Nate Growing Up’. Want to get your mojo back and feel bad as hell? Play ‘Still Don’t Know My Name’. In search of something to play on your way to your 9 am? Put on ‘Forever’.

Labrinth has the unique ability to create music perfect for any of these scenarios, meanwhile little of the soundtrack has actual lyrics. Somehow, his artistry remains transformative, focusing on captivating samples and obscure transitions. For instance, ‘Nate Growing Up’ breaks from a hip hop style into a delicate piano, back into the harsh bass and rhythm. These juxtapositions in style illustrate the complex narratives that the characters follow, and how successful Labrinth is in showcasing it.

Ultimately, Labrinth has set the bar high for any soundtrack that follows this piece. Scores from other television series rarely have this much hype, but he has effectively created a masterpiece that captures the essence of the HBO hit, as well as serving some absolute tunes.

I can’t wait to hear more of Labrinth’s work, as this soundtrack has officially made me one of his biggest fans.


Listen to it here:

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