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Wild Paths 2019 Festival Preview

October 2019 is going to be a very exciting time to be a music fan in Norwich. Not only do we have the musical bonanza of Oxjam opening the month, but we have a new kid on the block this year, Wild Path's Festival. Taking place over more than 18 venues across Norwich, 200+ acts will storm the city over the 18-20th of October and this is a lot to take in at first. Luckily we've decided to get you in on the ground floor with a Livewire preview of just some of the artists you should be seeing at Wild Paths as well as some of the grooviest extra-curricular activities.

Starting at the top of the line-up, it's difficult to miss the behemoth of folk that is Jose Gonzales taking up the helm, and for good reason. For years, Gonzales has set the benchmark for modern indie-folk, parting his contemporaries in the lane of acoustic singer-songwriters. He has, what can only be described as a ton of albums and EP's under his belt so there's no real reason not to get lost in his music for an hour or two before his headline set at Wild paths. Backing him up is Brighton's sweethearts The Magic Gang who have taken the British indie scene for a ride in the past year. After releasing their debut album last year, acclaimed by NME and The Guardian for their 'raggle-taggle harmonies' and infectious choruses, The Magic Gang have made a name for themselves in the over-crowded British indie-pop scene, managing to stand out from their peers, focusing on harmonies and songwriting and bouncy hooks, they will be blessing the Shoe Factory on the Saturday evening.

As far as Norwich locals are concerned, Wild Paths have you covered with the likes of the lovely Marigolds and the barmy Bag of Cans both of which are must see sets for those of you interested in supporting some great local artists. One of the best Norwich groups that you definitely should have seen by now are Gladboy who will be putting on a short but sweet set over at the Waterfront studio on the Friday. Combining psychedelic rock with some indie rock melodies, Gladboy are consistently exciting and make the most of any stage they grace, commonly sporting a collection of wavy garms and a trombone here or there.

If you don't want to commit to a whole weekend, Wild Paths are sporting an intuitive and creative ticketing scheme that allows you to customise your experience with tickets to individual sets and venues. One of the best examples of this and one of the best pairings of artists across the whole weekend comes in the back-to-back combo of Pom Poko and Anna Meredith. Norwegian psych-rock and punk group Pom Poko released easily one of the most exciting albums of their with Birthday a hectic and rambunctious project that sees the group at their most fun, layering wild vocal performances atop thrashing guitars and driving drums, making for a frantic listen. After this comes Scottish composer-extraordinaire Anna Meredith, who will be bringing her electronic, spacey sounds to the Arts Centre on the Friday evening. After releasing her electronic brilliance in Varmints, Meredith has been making waves in both acoustic and electronic scenes, combining elements of both sounds to create ambient, experimental sounds from another planet. With her new album Fibs releasing only a week after this gig, the Pom Poko, Anna Meredith evening is compulsory viewing for any fans of modern, experimental music.

As well as all the fantastic acts listed above, Wild Paths will boast a collection of local food, drink and art installations for you to sink your teeth into while waiting for your favourite act to come on. All in all, whether you're in it for the great music or just for the atmosphere and food, Wild Paths is the start of something very exciting for Norwich, and if the first line-up is anything to go off, it's only going to get better.

Find tickets and everything you need to know about Wild Paths festival at: www.wildpaths.co.uk

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