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5 albums to soundtrack your welcome week.

Nervous? Excited? Overwhelmed? Hungover? If you’re experiencing any or all of these right now then you’re probably just entering your welcome week at UEA and are probably thinking, ‘wow, I wish I had a cohesive and digestible list of brilliant albums to show all my new friends how hip and current I am’. Luckily we at Livewire were prepared for this, and have put together a little list of all the best albums of 2019 to soundtrack your welcome week here at UEA.

1. Nilüfer Yanya - Miss Universe

That you’ve moved into your new accommodation and your mum/dad have (hopefully) stopped crying, this is the perfect time to squeeze in some unpacking music and Nilüfer Yanya’s Miss Universe is the pick. Blending a lil indie rock and a lil pop, there’s nothing here that anyone in flat will have a problem with as Nilüfer Yanya packs in some bangers, some sad boys and a few catchy hooks into a neat little indie rock album. Tracks like ‘In Your Head’ and ‘Heat Rises’ will be in your head for the nest of the semester and for that reason there’s a good chance you’ll make a few friends (or enemies).

2. Lizzo - Cuz I Love You

Now in all honestly, Lizzo could easily take every single spot on this list but at that point all your new flatmates might start to hate you. The LCR will probably play a role in your welcome week in some form so to prepare you, Lizzo is the perfect pick for your first pres in your flat. Picture the scene, you’re nervous, walk into your kitchen with 6 or 7 new faces and a silent bluetooth speaker in the centre, everyone look a bit bored and scared. Now imagine this scene with Lizzo’s ‘Boys’ or ‘Tempo’ blasting out the speaker, everyone is boogying, you’ve learnt the names of like 4 new people, one of them is on your course, amazing scenes. Lizzo makes everything better.

3. Bon Iver - i,i

But the LCR doesn’t have to be the centre of your welcome week, so why not lose yourself in a little bit of acoustic heaven with Bon Iver’s latest release. Stress doesn’t have to be a big part of your first week but for a lot of people it will be, and Bon Iver is perfect for this. Now you can pick any of Bon Iver’s albums and they all have a pretty similar effect but their latest combines aspects of folk and gospel in a way that works to relax the senses. Not only is it a fantastic pick for a quiet night in but also for your first walk around campus as the scenery of the lake pairs magically with tracks like ‘Sh’Diah’ and ‘Faith’ to make for a great wander around UEA.

4. Charli XCX - Charli

Acting in a similar lane to Lizzo, Charli XCX’s latest release is another brilliant listen for any new arrival wanting to look cool for all their new pals. Without reinventing the pop formula, Charli bends and stretches it, to make for an album that is as fun and exciting as it is addictive. It’s something that can be whacked on at pres, on campus, or just strolling through the flat hallway and there will be a track for you. Specifically, ‘Gone’ featuring Christine And The Queens is a one size fits all kind of song, with it’s bouncy beat but muted lyrics, I can’t think of a scenario in welcome week where you shouldn’t be listening to this song.

5. Slowthai - Nothing Great About Britain

Now imagine you’ve got your timetable, the modules sound interesting and the reading list isn’t too steep. But you’ve got 3 9am’s and you’re not looking forward to waking up at 8am every morning, you want to vent out some of this anger and Slowthai is your best bet. Bringing punk back into the spotlight, Slowthai is easily one of the UK’s most exciting artists and his debut album is chock full of bangers. You’ll no doubt be rinsing tracks like ‘Doorman’ and ‘Inglorious’ on your walk into campus for your 9am’s as it’s probably the only thing that will wake you up. You can check out Livewire’s coverage of Slowthai at Lovebox earlier this year, here.

Music is the easiest way to bring people together in welcome week and these 5 albums should provide you with enough options for any occasion. If these aren’t enough for you or you just hate all of them, make sure to keep an ear out for Livewire1350 on the airwaves or blasting in the hive while queuing for your coffee.


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