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Norwich Live Preview - May 2019

Pip Blom – 8th May - Waterfront Studio

Doused in saturated, muted colours Pip Blom’s image largely fits her sound. The music is a grunge-pop onslaught combining guitars with a veneer of crunch and charmingly smooth off-kilter vocals. Reminiscent of Pavement & their 90’s colleagues Pip Blom is one of the most exciting pop artists around. Be sure to catch her before her anxiously awaited album hits the shelves.

Gladboy – 11th May - Norwich Arts Centre

Natives to Norwich Gladboy have expanded not only their ranks but their sound. One of the most exciting bands in Norwich and they’re headlining the historic Norwich Arts Centre. Expect psych-infused rock, combining the Buzzcocks, Harry Nilsson and Pulp into a sublime melting pot of rock ‘n’ roll. Their EP 'Egopushin’' is a showing of uncompromised talent and this show is not one to miss.

Fat White Family – 14th May - Waterfront

Having slowly grown to become a household name amongst musos Fat White Family have released their third studio album- 'Serfs Up!' Which, like their earlier records exhibit a fascination with saccharine sweet classic pop combined with the brutal darkness of humanity. Possibly the most inhuman human bands touring the country, they push the boundaries of rock music and this time have achieved widespread critical acclaim. Their shows are infamous for their unshackled disorder, perhaps even bordering on the legendary. This gig will be a performance masterclass.

The Unthanks – 15th May - Open

Folk outfit‘The Unthanks combine eerie vocals and gentle piano in a beautifully engaging and haunting soundscape. Their latest album drawing heavily upon the works of Emily Bronte and World War One poems, an enchanting performance is guaranteed. Despite being stripped back, their sound is cavernous and makes silence as loud as amp stack.

Mini Mansions – 18th May - Waterfront

Slick city indie-rockers Mini Mansions have remained for some time on the outskirts of pop. Whether that’s due to saturation or timing, they still produce polished pop-music with a tinge of alternative. Often receiving rave reviews from their star-studded allies, Mini Mansions will offer a clean show to see the summer in.

Unsigned - an evening of music from local young musicians – 19th May - Waterfront

After working with these young people over the past month or so, supplying them with mentors and sessions to help market their music they’ve to perform at the Waterfront. Featuring an eclectic 5-piece lineup, it will be a charming evening. A well-needed event to energise the growing Norwich music scene. Events like these are vital in maintaining and growing the local scene.

Ezra Furman – 29th May - Nick Rayns LCR

Leftfield pop tracks, combining a polite veneer of vintage with glittery rock. With a formidable vocal and a big sound evoking early rock, perhaps even tints of Bowie, Furman’s show will be one of charm, humour and will most certainly be both evocative and captivating.

Words: Callum Gray

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