• Calsey Deverell

Latrice Royale at The Waterfront

She’s large and in charge. Chunky yet funky. Bold and beautiful. She’s Latrice Royale. Latrice Royale is known as the queen of lip syncs, wiping the floor with queen after queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race time after time on three seasons.

However, she has been great in acting challenges, and makes great looks, but what will she bring to a live audience? And how will Alicia react to her first drag experience?

I am happy to see RuJazzle and CJ Banks hosting the night. RuJazzle starts the night in a neon number, showing off a corset with glowing boobs while lip synching and dancing to Ariana Grande’s ‘Focus’. Oh Alicia, look she’s going to – DEATH DROP. Next up, it’s Asia Thorne, doing a mashup of songs while dancing around, getting the audience warmed up. CJ then brings us a powerful performance of ‘New Rules’ in a retro aerobic power outfit, as she does cartwheels and handstands.

It’s time for Latrice… and soon the guitar of a classic starts playing. She strides in with charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to 4 Non Blondes, and ‘What’s Up?’, the whole audience is singing along. By the end of the song, she is sweating from proving herself to be the queen of lip syncs. She takes the mic and says hi Nor-which!! She chats to us for a bit, tells us some stories from the road, shows off her rubber dress, and calls Theresa May a ‘prune faced bitch with the grey hair’.

After a quick break, where Latrice changes into a shiny gown, she comes back and brings a little soul to the evening. She does a mash-up of Aretha Franklin songs, thanking her for legacy and helping her pay her rent through her performing her songs. Her energy is infectious, everyone sings and dances with her as she tears up the stage. She spreads the love, talking about her husband and her love for her art-form. And if you haven't noticed, she 'sweats a lot. But it’s holy water. So soak it up, you’re all blessed. You're in the splash zone'

In the next break, RuJazzle performs an ode to alcohol, a truly emotional number to the number one cause and solution to life’s problems. But CJ is back, dressed as her favourite penguin – Pingu. She performs the most outrageous drag performance ever, doing a mashup of songs and replacing keywords with NOOT NOOT. ‘Nice legs, Daisy Dukes, Makes a man go NOOT NOOT, That's the way they all come through like NOOT NOOT’. Wow I love drag.

Latrice is back for her final performance, and she continues the soul and passion. But she ends the show in true drag style. She asks the audience about the current season of Drag Race,and we all spill the tea. Latrice is shady and dishes on who she likes and doesn’t, sorry Gia and Silky. But she ends the show with love, teasing us with the possible future appearance of her one-woman show.

Latrice Royale has always been in my top 10 queens, but tonight she proved how she deserves to be everyone’s favourite powerhouse. She was the perfect performance to show Alicia what drag is and its effect on people, and I have finally converted her into a drag-lover like me.

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