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Norwich Live Preview - April 2019 Preview

Every month, Livewire brings you the best of what to expect from Norwich's music scene. Here is a handpicked selection of the most exciting April gigs. Links to tickets available in each title.

Anteros – Waterfront Studio - 07/04/19

Saccharine power-pop outfit Anteros are bringing their charming and nostalgic soundscape to the Waterfront Studio on a Sunday. For most bands this would be a challenge, but their youthful optimism is potent enough to turn the worst of Sunday blues around. Rippling indie-pop guitars bring a clarity to their music that can often get lost in the fuzz-factory of contemporary indie music. Equipped with confidence and the earworms to match, they’re a powerful four-piece with a future potentially as sparkly as their sound. Their latest single ‘Drive On’ is an excellent way to wave goodbye to the bleak winter months, it has a driving bassline, catchy, slick melodies and an iconic indie-pop veneer.

The Good, The Bad & Queen – LCR - 12/04/19

Damon Albarn’s star-studded supergroup ‘The Good, The Bad & The Queen’, after just over a decade of relative quiet, have resurfaced. Armed with a swaggering track list from the legendary Paul Simonon, co-founder of Afrobeat Tony Allen, and of course, the titanic brit-pop guitarist Simon Tong.

The album evokes imagery of Banksy’s 2015 Dismalland, bleak Brexit Britain and the days of beaches, funfairs and clouds of candyfloss. ‘Merriel and’ is worthy of a place in any LP collection. The track ‘Merrie land’ builds in suspension as Damon lists his grievances: climate change, racism and class conflict. The evening will be one of unrivalled musicianship and expert performance, that’s for certain.

Sleaford Mods – Waterfront - 13/04/19

One thousand twitter spats later, ex-ravers Sleaford Mods return to Norwich. This time touring their fifth (yes fifth!) studio album, they’re well-exercised in the art of performance. Through the critical acclaim of their past two records, they are walking with more confidence than ever. Their performances are intense, threatening with elements of humour. Despite only being a duo, the sound is giant, and stage-presence is mesmerising. For a masterclass in punk poetry and how to do a gig right, attendance is vital.

This time they’ve pushed the boundaries of ‘Sleaford Mods’ ever so slightly, with groovier thumping basslines and synths tip-toeing into a more typical EDM. It could be seen as welcome change, making their soundscape a bit more three-dimensional and more accessible. Nonetheless, they haven’t lost their attitude, and they still continue to prove that you don’t need to be a teenager to be angry.

Sink Ya Teeth – NAC - 26/04/19

Genre-bending is thrown around a lot, but Sink Ya Teeth are one of the few bands that definitely fit the description – combining the cutting New Order-esque synth, provocative snapping snare and vocals that often slide into an ominous Jenny Beth (Savages) style off-kilter sing-shout. Rhythm flows through this duo in an unprecedented way. Like a watch and try not to laugh video, this is a watch and try not to dance show.

The opening track of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Sink Ya Teeth’ combines sounds of early EDM, post-punk and Depeche Mode into a pleasant mix-up. Every track on the album has an irresistible synth, which when combined with the vocals creates an atmosphere that defenestrates the famous Norfolk-politeness.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as a home-coming gig for a band with such a buzz, this show is one not to miss.

Cabbage – Waterfront Studio - 29/04/19

Unhinged, raucous and zealous. Cabbage are bringing their own brand of post-punk to the Waterfront Studio. With tracks that exude the energy of Dead Kennedys and the songwriting of the Buzzcocks, they put on an impressive show. Armed with humour, primal energy and menace, Cabbage are on the warpath and are unlikely to come to a halt anytime soon.

Their newest single ‘Torture’ is a brave step in a previously unexplored direction, pushing punk and pop together in a particular way that has yet to have been done. This will undoubtedly be another stand-out live track amongst an already well-decorated discography.

Honeyblood – Waterfront Studio - 30/04/19

Honeyblood’s latest single elicits the fuzz of the Pixes and addictive saccharine pop-tastic melodies. By exhibiting reverb to put any surf band to shame, the sound is massive. With two albums out, and one on the way Honeyblood have established themselves as amongst some of most determined of the new post-grunge movement. With a fiery guitar, relentless percussion and youthful energy, they have fun-factor in spades.

While still capable of tenderness, Honeyblood are at their best when turned up to 11, which fortunately, also fits perfectly with the gloriously claustrophobic Waterfront Studio. An ideal way to end the month.

Words: Callum Gray


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