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Main Playlist Update - 18/03/2019

There isn't much we've changed up this week on the Livewire playlist, because it felt perfect last week. Still, we've added three new tracks: we've added Cage the Elepehant's second single from their upcoming album, Carly Rae Jepsen's new single 'Now That I Found You' finds its home on our B List, and Billie Marten is new on the C.

Check out our New Music Playlist for the best new discoveries.

Balcony - Slow Down

Hailing from South London, Balcony’s genre-bending style is already making them an outfit to watch. Their new single ‘Slow Down’ has R&B beats and a melancholic vibe, something that works surprisingly well.

Be Charlotte - Do Not Disturb

Her first single in over a year ‘Do Not Disturb’ announces Be Charlotte’s return to the alt-pop scene impressively. The track is layered with infectious synth and multi-faceted instrumental to make a glimmering example of a great pop track.

Cleo Sol - One

London based Cleo Sol’s debut album looks like an impressive release if her lead single ‘One’ is anything to go by. ‘One’ has it all: sultry strings, a heady jazz-R&B beat, and rich vocals.

Dom Fera - Easy Thing

Known for his professional yet homemade funny music videos, Dom Fera’s new single ‘Easy Thing’ is no different. The song has Dom’s musical-esque smooth and powerful vocals alongside an animated electronic keyboard instrumental. This track is so much fun.

IGBO - First Impressions

The three-pieces’ catchy new single, ‘First Impressions’ is wobbly and funky, with touches of Afro-inspired beats and disco rhythms. The track is one of a kind, and the song definitely makes a good ‘First Impression’.

Pinty - City Limits

Peckham-based rapper Pinty’s new single ‘City Limits’ comes alongside the release of his first EP of the same name. The track has samples from newscasts and ambient sounds of the city, showcasing a muted, lo-fi side of London--with elements of house in the track, this is definitely one for midnight listening.

Pottery - Lady Solinas

Canadian band Pottery release their new single ‘Lady Solinas’ with the announcement of their debut EP out in May. ‘Lady Solinas’ is based on Andy Warhol’s attempted murderer, Valerie Solanas, and was recorded in just two nights live on tape.

Salvador – Ordinary Love

Suffolk-based guitar-band have released their debut single, ‘Ordinary Love’. Pop-infused indie with silky smooth vocals. A promising start to the band’s career, a track to put the spring in your step.

Shana Cleveland – Don’t Let Me Sleep

Don’t Let Me Sleep, supported by angelic vocals is a magnificently pleasant listen. With flattering ‘60s guitar parts evoking early Leonard Cohen, and an impressive vocal, it’s certainly a good introduction to her discography. This is her second solo-LP, having previously done work with Californian Surf Rock band La Luz.

Sports Team – M5

Motorways aren’t the traditional indie-band’s lyrical focus, but Sports Team seem to make it work. The track is a catchy-indie pop track that seems to have been ripped out of 2005, very much against its will. Meeting at Cambridge university, they’ve skipped, jumped and stumbled into the limelight. Armed only with indie-earworms and a painfully un-googleable name (for now) only time will tell whether they will be the guitar ‘saviours’.

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