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Main Playlist Update - 04/03/2019

We've changed the playlist quite a bit this week. Just like the music world has changed this week! A surprise comeback from a certain '00s boyband comes to mind. Switching around Foals' 'Exits' for 'On The Luna', we've also added Cardi B & Bruno Mars, and the new Jonas Brothers single! No, it is not 2007. On the B List we've got the new slowthai single, and on the C, you'll find the new Big Thief single and 'Flu Shot' by Kojaque.

As always, our New Music Playlist is below.

Aine - Blue Valentine Framed as an ode to an ex-lover, Irish artist Aine’s new track sees her being compared to Adele and Lana del Rey, and for good reason. This song is a powerhouse ballad, with Aine’s strong voice and personality shining.

AMA - Slip Self-described as a song about “taking care of your happiness while trying not to slip”, ‘Slip’ is the follow-up to last year’s debut single. The song is carried over a bouncy beat and led by AMA’s soulful vocals.

Creeping Jean - Love It Like This Named after a Kinks song, Brighton band Creeping Jean are a worthy eponym. Their new single ‘Love It Like This’ is a homage to Brighton, and the song shows that.

Kylypso - Cosmic Dolphins Hailing from East London, Kylypso’s funky psychedelic pop style is no less groovy on their new single ‘Cosmic Dolphins’. The track is influenced by disco, soul, psychedelia, and it shows. This is only the band’s fourth track, but it’s giving us high expectations.

Mellow Gang - De-Wire Self-described as ‘night time psych pop’, the new single from London band Mellow Gang doesn’t stray far from this. ‘De-Wire’ is considered and pensive, and showcases a real niche for great dream pop.

Pretty Vicious - These Four Walls Not their first time on Livewire’s New Music playlist, as Pretty Vicious have been around for a while. They’re still gearing up for an album, though, and ‘These Four Walls’ is more of their heavy punky pop sound.

Prospa - Prayer It’s not often we have a solely electronic track on this playlist, so when we do, we have to make sure they’re the best of their genre. Prospa’s single ‘Prayer’, released at the end of last year, is a steaming mix of disco/nu wave house, and you’d be silly not to listen to it.

Squid - Houseplant This sound is proudly about actual houseplants. It’s about an idyllic future of being able to afford a house and food, which is a dream too far from the reach of many of us millennials. The pessimistic lyrics are partnered with a guitar-led instrumental and catchy melody, though, so it makes it worth it.

SUDS - Later On No, not SuDS as in sustainable drainage systems, SUDS as in the band from Cambridge/Lincolnshire. ‘Later On’ is their new single released alongside the announcement of their debut EP, and it’s a nice, soft guitar-led track with sweet vocals and syrupy melodies.

Sun Arcana - Let Me Down (Ventilate) It’s a song about the end of a relationship. Hailing from Essex, Sun Arcana’s new single ‘Let Me Down (Ventilate)’ shows us a neat and designed indie outfit with music that feels emotional and planned.

You can catch both playlists below.

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