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Fredo at the LCR 01/03/2019 - Review

If you've been living under a rock along with the UEA bunnies, then you probably haven't heard about Fredo coming to the LCR the past Friday (01/03) and about the juicy events that occurred.

First things first, the show opened with a great DJ, who unfortunately did not make it in to the venue on time to hear her name. However, the way she handled the decks when it comes to the selection of songs and transitions was absolutely brilliant. Fresh.

The show was meant to begin at 7:30 but it began at 8 with the previous dj, and Fredo came out at around 9. He started the show with his current hit 'Survival of the Fittest' and as expected, the crowed went crazy. As soon as I have heard his voice, it made me really happy and even more excited to enjoy the rest of the show as it sounded exactly like his recordings. A few other tracks that he performed was my all time favorite 'Ay Caramba' and of course the absolute banger 'Funky Friday', that he has with his 'brother' as he calls him, Dave. You know it was a good performance when you find it difficult to keep your body still. And it was indeed difficult. Those I think were the only 2 songs he sang, that are not from the Third Avenue album but oh well, I'm not complaining at all.

'Mmhm' and 'BMT' left me speechless. Seriously though. I kind of lost my voice because of those 2 and I think the crowd enjoyed them as much as me, since everyone around me was pretty much on the same level.

The set up was inspired by the city of London with a little 'Corporation Mini Market' and big windows with colorful lights. As the album itself is called 'Third Avenue' there was a sign of the actual Third Avenue and accurately represented Fredo's identity and album.

It must be noted that Fredo left in the middle of the show for a couple of minutes and came back for unexplained reasons and that there were a few fight incidents inside and outside of the venue. Plus, it seemed to be a bit of a short gig but this might be because I was having the time of my life screaming/ singing.

Ay Caramba! It was definitely a very good performance if you put aside the multiple fights and drama. I would definitely recommend seeing him, but please, stay safe kids. I would rate it a solid 8 maybe 8.5/10 If I put drama on the side.

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