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New Music Friday - 22/02/2019

Another week goes by and along with it we have another set of banging tracks for your listening pleasure on this weeks (slightly late) Livewire New Music Friday! It's been a great week for Hip-Hop with Dave's amazing new introspective track 'Black' as well as a new banger from Livewire favourite Slowthai with 'Piece Of Mind'. State-side we also have a wonderful new track from rising star Tierra Whack on 'Only Child' and a catchy pop-rock tune from SWMRS with 'Trashbag Baby'.

Dave - Black

I mean, what can I say about this track that the 20 year-old London star doesn't say himself on this beautiful and ultimately tragic piece of UK hip-hop simply titled, 'Black'. In a similar vein to his previous tracks 'Hangman' and 'Question Time', Dave uses his platform to express his anger at the black experience in the UK and his frustration is palpable, as he couldn't have strayed further from his previous radio hit 'Funky Friday' with this emotionally charged steamer of a song. Dave's debut album Psychodrama is out March 9th.

SWMRS - Trashbag Baby

With rolling guitars and a catchy melody, the Californian pop-punk band came through with a fun little track that mixes in a bit of pop and a bit of punk that is only let down by it's vocal performance. 'Trashbag Baby's guitar riffs are undeniably infectious but some about the hook just doesn't hit right and end up a little irritating as the track goes on. 'Trashbag Baby' comes from SWMRS new album Berkeley's On Fire, released earlier this week.

Slowthai - Piece Of Mind

Another week, another Slowthai track as one of the most interesting artists in the UK scene right now just doesn't seem to slow down as 'Piece of Mind' see's him incorporating his classic delivery over yet another banging instrumental. There were rumours of a Mike Skinner produced Slowthai album and if this is any indication of things to come I'm here for it, as 'Piece of Mind' proves once again that Slowthai should be in all your playlists if he isn't already.

Tierra Whack - Only Child

After her brilliant album-film thingy last year, Tierra Whack placed herself firmly on the pop-rap radar and things only seem to be going up, as 'Only Child' is a brilliant little introspective track that I don't think I will ever get tired of. Tierra Whack's bubbly delivery is perfect for this fun bop that is surprisingly long for her at 4 minutes, making for a welcome change of pace in the Pensyvanian rapper's discography.

Sundara Karma - Little Smart Houses

With a new album on the horizon, Sundara Karma have released a nice little bit of indie rock that dips it's toes into disco in most of the best ways. While the main hook is a little generic and uninteresting, there are enough instrumental curveballs that make this new track more enjoyable than much of the bands older work. 'Little Smart Houses' is taken from their new album Ulfilas Alphabet is out March 1st.

Vibbar - Bellerin

Underrated UK hip-hop collective Vibbar have released yet another brilliant piece of UK rap that crosses the line perfectly between relaxing and banging. Opening as a classic British pop-rap track, the group switch it up into a bit of silky smooth jazz rap, with some fantastic and clever bars thrown in there for good measure. While there's no album on the cards quite yet I can't wait to see what they do next as they continue to impress with each release.


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