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Main Playlist Update - 25/02/2019

Is it that time again? Livewire is back for another week of broadcasting, and our playlist is full to the brim of bangers. On the A-List we've got the new tracks from Little Mix and Christine and the Queens, Mahalia and Marina are brand new on the B-List, and the C-List has hits from Honeyblood, Fontaines D.C., and Methyl Ethel. Our New Music Playlist rounds off the week nicely, see below.

Yeah, we know we treat you.

404 - Fearful

The debut single from new Dity Hit signing (The 1975, Wolf Alice), 404’s ‘Fearful’ melts together hip-hop and punk in a brand new way. Known for their wild live shows, the band’s first single proves that they’re on the up.

APRE - Gap Year 2008

London based duo APRE have released their follow-up to ‘Backstreet’, ‘Gap Year 2008’. It comes in their trio of introductory EPs, and outlines their ambitions as a band. APRE’s imagery is shrouded in suburbia, but with a surreal, sometimes-dislocated edge, and this song is no different.


Similar to introspective guitar bands The National and Manchester Orchestra, BRIDGES make pensive music with hard-hitting meanings. Their new single ‘Amor’ is no different. BRIDGES support Slow Readers Club at the OPEN in April.

Cassia - Small Spaces

Cassia’s new single ‘Small Spaces’ considers the desperate feeling of wanting something more. ‘Small Spaces’ carries triumphant similarity to early Foals and Vampire Weekend, threaded with elements of Afrobeat percussion.

Cosmo Calling - Rita

Self-described as a “bittersweet love story” to Manchester, Cosmo Calling’s new track ‘Rita’ is a confident indie bop. Combining fast-paced guitar notes and layered vocals from male and female voices, the track is perfect indie listening.

Miel de Montagne - L’Amour

French artist Miel de Montagne (Honey from the Mountains) combines Brazilian rhythms and sultry smooth vocals in his new single ‘L’Amour’. The song feels retro and careful, with no note seeming thoughtless or rushed.

Pozi - Watching You Suffer

Enjoying airplay from BBC 6Music, Pozi’s habit for heavy guitars is replaced with violins on their new track ‘Watching You Suffer’. One of the bands reviving intense British punk and showcasing the youth’s dissatisfaction with their country, Pozi are unapologetic, and ‘Watching You Suffer’ is unnerving and effective.

RAFFER - It’s the Same

Known for his compact, danceable indie pop hits, Kent artist RAFFER returns with ‘It’s The Same’. The track comes from his upcoming EP The Media.

Suzi Wu - Error 404

Another neo-punk artist, Suzi Wu’s dazzling approach to meshing together arbitrary sounds is once again established on new single ‘Error 404’. It sounds messy but works so well, and puts Suzi Wu even more on the map.

The Extons - No Hope

Hailing from King’s Lynn, indie rockers The Extons take inspiration from times gone by, with elements of Britpop and ‘80s power pop evident in their new single ‘No Hope’.

Check out both the playlists below.

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