• Aled Vernon-Rees

Jungle at the LCR Review - 13/02/2019

Having previously played Norwich way back in 2015 Jungle return to a packed room and an atmosphere of anticipation to see the band which has soundtracked the past five years of the audience's lives.

The support act was new addition to the Radio 1 A List, Georgia. This high octane and energy set was my highlight for the evening. A relativity new artist, she is already making waves on the music scene and from this performance it was clear why. She glided through the set playing drums and singing over her self produce 80s inspired beats. It was apparent throughout that she is not going to be supporting artists for long and soon it'll be her headlining the the LCR. If you get the chance I would definitely recommend seeing her when you can.

Following Georgia, the curtains dropped and the audience were presented with a golden curtain and Jungle sign in bright lights which was the background for the groups performance. This bright shining golden backdrop encapsulates the essence of the band. They radiate an effortless smoothness never missing a beat or harmony. Playing through their hits which have dominated Fifa soundtracks and radio playlists for the past years like 'Heavy, California', 'The Heat' and 'Happy Man' the audience fell into a trance. They were incredibly well received throughout it was apparent that people had been waiting for this moment for months. They ended their set with an encore of the two big singles from their debut album 'Time' and 'Busy Earnin'. These tracks got everyone moving, and you could tell that these were the tracks that made the audience originally fall in love with the band, making them forget about the worries of a Wednesday evening and fall into the music.

It was undeniably a good performance from the band and an evening of music most the audience wouldn't forget for a long time. However, for me I couldn't get past the idea of it being more than just background music. Every track sounded exactly as is on record, I found myself unengaged and felt as if I could just be sat on my laptop watching a car advert. Overall it was a good gig, but for me the music fell flat but from the looks of the rest of the audience it was obvious I was the exception in thinking this.

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