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Norwich Live Preview - March 2019

Every month, Livewire brings you the best of what to expect from Norwich's music scene. Here is a handpicked selection of the most exciting March gigs. Links to tickets available in each title.

Fredo LCR – 01/03/19

The London-based MC drops in on the first of the month, touring his first full-length album Third Avenue. An intimate release; it tackles his youth and the struggles of growing up on London’s Mozart Estate. A figure becoming well established on the South-London grime scene, working with the likes of Lil Dotz and Dave, Fredo’s fresh sound is pulsating throughout and sure aims to do that when he hits the LCR.

Sœur – Waterfront – 06/03/19

Bringing sounds from the likes of Breeders, Band of Skulls, and PJ Harvey, primal hard-rock trio Sœur, are bringing their ear-blasting set to the Waterfront on the 6th of March. Sœur are just one of many of new bands on the hard-rock scene and follow in a new line of trios such as Nottingham-based Kagoule and Brighton’s Sick Joy as those that like to keep rock pure but very loud. You’ll definitely need your ear plugs for this one.

The Thinking Men – OPEN – 09/03/19

The bold, seductive sounds of band: The Thinking Men are something that will send you into overdrive when they take to OPEN with support coming in the form of UEA favourites: Gladboy. This alone, is will set you up for an enigmatic night of psych-powered rock and roll. Influenced by the likes of The Doors, Nick Cave and Tom Waits. Their E.P Memento Mori, complete with distorted guitars layered on top of fear-inducing organs drive their gloomy psychedelic sound will take you to extraordinary places.

A.J Tracey – LCR – 10/03/19

Arguably the biggest name in rap today, with a fan-base stretching from Drake to Stormzy, A.J Tracey has taken the hip-hop world by storm. After a good 2018, dropping big hits after another, his 2019 is set to be even more unprecedented with the release of his self-titled debut album. His debut album is an authentic attempt, combining futurist sounds and humble lyrics with some of the tracks destined to be hits. A.J is more than simply, the sound of 2019 – more the sound of the future.

The Wave Pictures – Waterfront Studio – 21/03/19

Establishing themselves as veterans of the post-Morrissey D.I.Y indie circuit, The Wave Pictures return to touring, coinciding with their 8th studio release: Look Inside Your Heart. Their bare-bones approach with sullen, confessional lyrics about the everyday; hinting on the styles of traditional English folk, skiffle and blues, has made them develop a close following that appreciates their minimalist sound and humorous, tongue-in-cheek method of song-writing that should make for a pleasant performance at the Waterfront Studio on 21st of March.

IDLES – LCR – 28/03/19

The Bristol punk quintet have had quite simply, a hell of a year. It has seen them take guitar music to a whole new level and their 2nd album: Joy as an Act of Resistance has had universal critical acclaim and has earned them a BRIT Awards nomination. Known for their no-holds-barred performances that are soaked in energy, there is without a doubt, that they’ll be as energetic when they hit the LCR near the end of the month, who knows? Will the LCR be left in tact after they’re done?

Words: Lewis Oxley

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