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Main Playlist Update - 11/02/2019

Livewire is back after our Christmas break! And with our new schedule, we've got a brand new playlist. As always, our New Music Playlist gives you the best of the new and undiscovered across the world.

Far Pacific - Love Bomb

UK four-piece Far Pacific’s latest single ‘Love Bomb’ is built over a simple piano ballad, with a surprising brightness. Its sound is similar to its message; seemingly melancholy, but with a sun-drenched thread running through its core.

Fontaines D.C. - Big

Dublin’s most exciting punk band--and one of Livewire’s Ones to Watch 2019--released their new single ‘Big’ alongside the announcement of their debut album. In-keeping with the rest of the quintet’s discography, ‘Big’ is loud, room-filling, and unapologetic. This is a band with a lot ahead of them.

FUR - Him & Her

Drenched in retro vibes, Brighton’s FUR’s latest track ‘Him & Her’ is preoccupied with dreamy, billowing guitars, and disconnected lyrics. It feels like a dusted off a long-lost record from someone’s old loft, and it’s gorgeous.

G Flip - Drink Too Much

Aussie drummer-singer-producer mastermind G Flip is one of Triple J’s brightest newcomers--and for good reason. ‘Drink Too Much’ was written years ago when G Flip was dumped for “partying too much”--and she owns it. Led by bouncy piano and warm vocals, this is a track destined for a party.

Gently Tender - Some Hard Advice

Made up of three ex-Palma Violets and one member of The Big Moon, Gently Tender have released their first track of 2019, ‘Some Hard Advice’. The song was written as a reaction to the false missile text alert in Hawaii last year--about the prospect of dying without your loved ones. It’s framed with a deep, soulful guitar instrumental, and a syrupy baritone.

Grace Carter - Heal Me

After placing third on the BBC’s ‘Sound of 2019’ list, Brighton’s Grace Carter announces herself as a force to be reckoned with on new track ‘Heal Me’. ‘Heal Me’ is concerned with overcoming obstacles and realising self-worth, and it’s a gorgeous modern pop track.

Indoor Pets - Pro Procrastinator

Indoor Pets have been around for a few years now--but they’re currently at their most exciting. ‘Pro Procrastinator’ comes ahead of their debut album, which will be released this year, and showcases the very best of the band--humorous lyrics, their trademark vocal style, and geek-math-art-rock guitars.

Jade Bird - I Get No Joy

Released alongside the announcement of her debut album, ‘I Get No Joy’ is the newest release from up-and-comer Jade Bird. There’s notes of her floaty folk sound, with soaring vocals and lyrics considering the concept of internal thought. It’s a magical track.

L Martin - What Brought You Today

With rolling soft guitars and dazed, atmospheric synth notes similar to that of gentle ‘80s pop, L Martin’s new song ‘What Brought You Today’ is the perfect summer evening track. That’s so often said--but this one is truly relaxing.

Pip Blom - Daddy Issues

Dutch band Pip Blom are one of those special bands with catchy hooks and layered yet simple instrumental. Each track released by the band takes their natural state of grimy indie rock and turns it on its head, and ‘Daddy Issues’ proves this is the case.

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