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Norwich Live Preview - February 2019

Every month, Livewire brings you the best of what to expect from Norwich's music scene. Here is a handpicked selection of the most exciting February gigs. Links to tickets available in each title.

Another Sky - 01/02/19

Poppy soundwaves and ghostly androgynous vocals: Another Sky will be at the Waterfront Studio on the 1st of the month. Like the Orielles they are new-comers to the indie-pop scene. Perhaps having a slightly more edgy persona than similar alternatives. Thick textures and a huge sound, they’ll be making the Waterfront Studio shake on the 1st of February. It’ll surely leave you with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face.

Fun Lovin' Criminals - LCR - 09/02/19

New York locals are (after a long hiatus) heading out on the road, distributing their alternative retro-hip-hop beats to the people of Great Britain. They’ll be in the LCR on the 9th of February. Fun Lovin Criminals were one of the most commercially successful bands of the ‘90s, their biggest hit ‘Scooby Snacks’ going to #12 on the UK charts. While they maintain humour throughout all their tracks, like a lot of hip-hop they focus on important social issues including drug use and gang violence. An eclectic well-practiced international group that will undoubtedly put on a good show.

Jungle - LCR - 13/02/19

Jungle are a huge act in the UK at the moment, garnering popular acclaim from and on the 13th of February they’ll be in the LCR. Mixing traditional pop tracks with diluted funk and dance motifs, their tracks are party classics, with driving beats and relaxed layered-up vocals, it’s got fun-factor in spades. With an appearance on Jools Holland, a mercury prize nomination and signing to the huge XL records (no pun intended), they should be on your list to see.

Vein - Waterfront Studio - 23/02/19

Raucous hardcore punks, their clamorous, visceral, and confrontational tone could out-loud Brian Blessed with ease. One of Revolver’s albums of the year in 2018, their public face very much contrasts to their sound- remaining relatively unknown to those outside of the scene, they’ve still harnessed a committed audience and fanbase. After an evening of screamo vocals and guitars dripping in distortion, the Waterfront Studio will hopefully still be intact.

The Orielles - Waterfront Studio - 28/02/19

Indie-pop newcomers the Orielles are greeting the Waterfront Studio on the (enter date). Expect an energy infused performance with plenty of sparkle. Clean rhythmic guitar riffs, hollow chorus-y bass and synth-y soundscapes does more than just evocate New Order, with clever songwriting and an attitude that could take anyone to the moon, they appear, for now, unstoppable. Smooth vocals ride along the DIY wave of pop and with critical acclaim on their latest LP effort they might just break-through, so it may be wise to catch these while you can.

Words: Callum Gray

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