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New Music Friday - 30/11/18

What a week this has been for music. We’ve had the return of Grimes with ‘We Appreciate Power’, Ariana Grande continued her global domination by dropping the video for ‘thank u, next’, Earl Sweatshirt released Some Rap Songs, Clean Bandit have a new album out, and if you’ve been living under rock you may have missed that The 1975 have too--and this is only scratching the surface. Lucky for you, each week Livewire’s Online Team compile all the must-listen tracks into one nice article.

Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Whilst released about a month ago, this week saw the fantastic video for ‘thank u, next’ gracing our screens. The video is a tongue-in-cheek pastiche of teen movies ‘Mean Girls’, ‘Bring It On’, and ‘Legally Blonde’. Ariana has broken the Spotify record for the most monthly listeners ever, and for good reason. 'thank u', next is soft, catchy, and the pop culture phenomenon we needed.

Arctic Monkeys - Anyways

Taken straight from the B-Side of their new single 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino', this previously unreleased track finally has life. ‘Life’ perhaps is too strong a word--this track keeps in the same tone as Tranquility Base, which was one of the most disappointing and underwhelming records of all time. Either way, though, ‘Anyways’, if you liked the sound of their most recent album, is bound to satisfy.

Chance the Rapper - The Man Who Has Everything

Keeping with the same vibe as the four singles he dropped in the summer, Chance the Rapper has released ‘The Man Who Has Everything’ and ‘My Own Thing’ this week. ‘The Man Who Has Everything’ is introspective and close, with lo-fi production and vinyl crackles underneath Chance’s careful lyrics disguised under a nonchalant vocal style.

Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart

Of course, the Internet media have taken to this song for one reason--Miley Cyrus’ “wild” antics in its music video. What a surprise. Miley, however, looks incredible in it, and staying true to her country roots, sounds incredible too. The track pulls influence from Dolly Parton in particular, not because of its roots style, but because of the syntax of Miley’s vocal delivery, with sharp hooks and powerful calls.

Shy FX ft Lily Allen & Stamina MC - Roll the Dice

A collaboration that works so much better than expected, Shy FX has teamed up with Stamina MC & Lily Allen for new track ‘Roll the Dice’. This song carries itself over a beat that is so expected from Shy FX that anyone who is familiar with one of the DJ’s tracks could imagine it, but the special part of the song is Lily’s vocals. She has a knack for performing with just the right amount of emotion to suit the track, and this is no different.

Nina Nesbitt - Colder

Released alongside the announcement of her North American 2019 tour, Nina Nesbitt’s new track ‘Colder’ is a great mixture of an anthemic pop chorus and a personal lyrical theme. Written about first love and first heartbreak, the track is a close one from Nina.

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