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Main Playlist Update 26/11/18

Another week, another playlist on Livewire. This week, things have stayed pretty much the same--but if something ain't broke, don't fix it.

We've added Ariana Grande's empowering banger 'thank u, next' to the A-List, so get playing it. We've moved up Bring Me The Horizon with 'Wonderful Life' to the A-List; taking its place on B is ROSALIA's 'DI MI NOMBRE' and 'BMT' by Fredo.

On C, we've added two of our New Music Playlist favourites this week. You'll find 'Heavyweight Champion of the Year' by Nülifer Yanya and 'Much to Me' by Marigolds on C.

As always, our New Music Playlist is where you'll find the ripest pickings of new music.

Brunswick - ADHD

With metallic beats and careful licks of synth, alt-pop outfit Brunswick shine on their new single ‘ADHD’. The track’s neat and direct vocal is the song’s melting centre.

Glowie - Body

New single from Icelandic artist Glowie, ‘Body’ is a succinct alt-pop track celebrating body positivity. It’s shamelessly itself, and carrying an almost tribal beat, it’s hook-filled too.

Lacuna Common - Lack of Knowledge

Written in just 30 minutes, ‘Lack of Knowledge’, the new single from DIY band Lacuna Common, runs with ferocious guitars and raucous percussion. It’s leering and rowdy, and it’s one that has marked this band out.

Loud Luxury x anders - Love No More

A bubbly pop track overlayed with deep house bass, the new collaboration from Loud Luxury and anders follows up their viral hit ‘Body’. The producing duo have said that ‘Love No More’ is a “perfect way to pick up where we left off”.

OSH - My Ye Is Different

Originally a Twitter meme, Croydon’s Osh has released an adapted version of a viral video. This has become ‘My Ye is Different’—a genuine track, based off an internet joke. Wild.

Self Esteem - Rollout

Self-described as a “bloody break-up song”, Self Esteems new track ‘Rollout’ has lyrics so wistful yet so optimistic, it’s the only kind of emotion found in a darkest moment. The track’s throbbing synth pop instrumental envelops Rebecca Lucy Taylor’s emphatic vocal.

SG Lewis ft. Teed - Again

New track from SG Lewis, ‘Again’, is taken from a three-part concept album that explores the development of a night out. This track, featuring Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, rolls over upbeat funk and house bass.

The Candescents - Drink to Paradise

Signed to Dirty Hit US, the rising pop group have got a lot resting on them. They do it well, though, as they’ve got pop songs down to a T already. New track ‘Drink to Paradise’ is stuffed with melodic spiralling verses and beautiful odes to love.

Vigilantes - Sockets

Fast and loud indie pop, Vigilantes don’t disappoint on their new single ‘Sockets’. The band are known for their energetic live performances, and ‘Sockets’ is only proof of that.

Zuzu - Can’t be Alone

Her second time on our New Music Playlist this year, Zuzu is back with her new track ‘Can’t be Alone’. She is ripping through the indieverse, supporting the Courteeners next year. Her infectious mix of Britpop nostalgia and modern catchy pop mean she’s not going anywhere.

You can listen to both playlists here:

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