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New Music Friday - 23/11/18

Every Friday, the music world spits out its newest offerings to the masses. Some make it on the Livewire playlist, some are passed by, but Livewire’s weekly New Music Friday roundup is here to give you a bite-sized version of this week’s goings-on.

Possibly the biggest release of this week is Rita Ora’s second album Phoenix. Rather a surprise that this is only her sophomore record, as Ora has managed to stay in the spotlight for the five years she released no new music, Phoenix has been described by critics as “worth the wait”. You may recognise singles ‘Anywhere’, ‘Your Song’, ‘Let You Love Me’, and the controversial ‘Girls’. Listen to ‘Anywhere’ below.

ASAP Rocky - Sundress

The new single from hip-hop mogul ASAP Rocky, ‘Sundress’ samples Tame Impala’s ‘Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?’, its psych-rock and rolling percussion working magic underneath ASAP Rocky’s enchanting vocals. The song is a vibrant collision of colours and textures, and is an addictive release from the NYC artist.

Slowthai, Mura Masa - Doorman

Unapologetic and instant, ‘Doorman’, the new collaboration from Slowthai and Mura Masa, is as in-your-face as punk and grime, but in a new, unseen way. ‘Doorman’ is led by a ferocious vocal performance, with a gurgling, heady bassline vibing underneath the packed lyrics. This is a track for the loudspeakers.

Billie Eilish - Come Out and Play

Billie Eilish often makes headlines for what could be called the “wrong reason”. Going viral on Twitter a month or so ago for a video of the singer holding a tarantula in her mouth, Billie is back with an alt-pop track so in her aesthetic, it’s impossible to equate the song to anyone but Billie herself. ‘Come Out and Play’ rolls across an acoustic guitar note, Billie taking centre stage as always, her sticky vocals characterising the song.

Earl Sweatshirt ft. Navy Blue - The Mint

As in touch with its retro influences as it is a forward-thinking track, Earl Sweatshirt’s single ‘The Mint’, featuring upcoming NYC MC Navy Blue, is one of the most exciting of the week. The track is sustained over an almost Western, saloon-tinged piano, with Earl’s relaxed, nonchalant vocals playing with the loose percussion carefully.

Moss Kena - Touch

The last track of this week’s roundup, Moss Kena’s ‘Touch’ is taken from his new EP One + One. The track sees a return of Moss Kena’s trademark high vocal and turned-out production. Moss Kena has been on Livewire’s New Music Playlist before, but this release may just catapult him away from there.

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