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New Music Friday - 16/11/2018

Not only does Friday warrant in the start of the weekend but (arguably more importantly) it also brings with it The Loop's New Music Friday roundup, where we give you the lowdown of all the biggest tracks of the week. This week we have a new slow burner from pop juggernauts Little Mix as well as a ballad from Irish singer-songwriter Hozier. Also on the roundup we are greeted to yet another track from underground hip-hop prodigy Saba, as well as a new banger from Anderson .Paak.

Little Mix - The Cure

Little Mix treated us to yet another single from their now-released album LM5 and while 'The Cure' reaches for pop glory, it falls directly into a pit of mediocrity, relying on one too many pop tropes to make this song worth its run time. With sadly no mentions of Robert Smith, 'The Cure' see's the girl group at their most uninteresting and after a slew of energetic singles this past month, it's disappointing to hear this one sounding so bland.

Hozier - Movement

From one overly-dramatic and over-produced track to another, this new track from 2016 star Hozier sounds almost identical to an Imagine Dragons song, and that is not a compliment. The saving grace of this song are the aggressive drums that come in at the end and tie the whole track together but unfortunately you have to sit through a lot of uninspired songwriting to get to them, as 'Movement' feels like it lasts a whole lot longer than it's 3:55 run time.

Saba Ft. IDK - Beautiful Smile

The man in underground hip-hop who never seems to quit, Saba, has released yet another track after his fantastic album Care For Me, this time hooking up with IDK on 'Beautiful Smile'.

Seeing Saba going in a slightly darker direction is definitely not what I expected from a track of this name but it is certainly welcome, as he trades bars with IDK effortlessly over a low-key but sinister beat.

Mike WiLL Made-It Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Pharrell Williams - The Mantra

As a part of the soundtrack to the upcoming 'Creed II' movie, southern producer Mike WiLL Made-It teamed up with Kendrick Lamar and Pharrell Williams on what seems like a dream come true on 'The Mantra'. However, as much as it pains me to say it, this song swings for a knockout and wildly misses. With an irritating chorus, generic beat and a disappointingly simple verse from Kendrick Lamar, this song could've been incredible, and instead lands more on the side of forgettable.

The Japanese House - Follow My Girl

After an assortment of EPs spread across the last 3 years, British pop artist The Japanese House is set to release her debut album in 2019, teasing us with 'Follow My Girl', a layered and mellow track that floats around the headphones. With a building instrumental behind her beautiful vocals, 'Follow My Girl' is another light and pleasant listen from Amber Bain and leaves me curious if she can keep it up on the upcoming album.

Anderson .Paak - Who R U?

The man making all the waves in modern hip-hop Anderson .Paak released the second single to his new album Oxnard, 'Who R U?' as it sees Paak venture into a more classically hip-hop sound and he couldn't sound better. After the fantastically funky 'Tints' featuring Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak goes solo for this new banger, that couldn't be more musically different, but still oozes the same energy and style.

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