• Joe Maguire

Tancred at Waterfront Studio - 14/11/2018

The Waterfront was the epicentre to all the emo fans of Norwich yesterday - and judging by the turnout there's not many that fit that demographic. Emo indie rockers Kississppi and Tancred travelled over the pond to kick off both of their first ever UK shows in the fine city of Norwich.

Opening the show were Irish indie punk band The Winter Passing. The intertwining vocal melodies of siblings Kate and Rob Flynn were delicately delivered, receiving a good reception from those watching. Despite the lack of turnout, The Winter Passing were enthusiastic and seemed very humbled to be opening for this tour. They jokingly reminisced of the last time they played Norwich which was 5 years ago and they played to a grand total of two people. In the vain of early Tigers Jaw, the blissful guitar work and underlying synth work was captivating and a refreshing start to the night.

Next up were co headliners Tancred. Similar to The Winter Passing, the female/male contrast in vocals create a beautiful, peaceful soundscape. Tancred is Jess Abbott's (former guitarist of Now, Now) project and displays a personal, introspective blend of indie rock and power pop. I was lowkey disappointed Tancred didn't play my favourite song of their's (The Ring). However, the exposition of songs off their latest album Nightstand which came out via Polyvinyl this year got plenty of heads bobbing along.

Finally, Kississipi graced the stage to provide their blissful indie rock sound. The personal lyrics of singer, Zoe Reynold,s echoed through the studio as the crowd fell silent. Reynolds' gorgeous voice is patiently delivered with a reflective aura attached to it. The band's gently building instrumental work is simple and effective at soundtracking the emotional heartache concept of the songs. The intros to crowd favourites such as Cut Yr Teeth and Indigo were greeted with excitable faces as those audience members sung along in joy. Kississppi are a special band which radiate an authentic warmth that not many bands in the scene can capture. I can only see Kississippi getting more recognition over time and hopefully for the rest of this tour they get to play to more people than Norwich provided.

It's a real shame that more people didn’t turn up to this gig and a growing issue in the Norwich DIY music scene. The absence of fans of this type of genre will only reduce touring bands from hitting the East Coast. The quality of music tonight was top class, but left a bittersweet taste after I left knowing that one of the top emo bands in the scene would receive such a small turnout from Norwich which 4/5 years ago had one of the most flourishing emo scenes in the UK.

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