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New Music Friday - 09/11/2018

As the work deadlines begin to roll in, it can be hard to keep track of all the hot new releases of the music world, lucky The Loop has you covered in this weeks New Music Friday roundup. This week we have bops from indie classics Foster The People and The Wombats as well as a long awaited new single from Earl Sweatshirt and a glitchy banger from rising star JPEGmafia.

Foster The People - Worst Nites

Following their 2017 effort Sacred Hearts Club, the California-based indie rock band are back with 'Worst Nites', a run-of-the-mill indie hit, that features some nice bass guitar work and little else. While the song isn't inherently bad and is honestly pretty catchy, it is horribly generic, with a vocal performance that struggles to stand out amongst the busy instrumental and a relatively simple song structure, there isn't much here to keep your attention past the 1 minute mark.

The Wombats - Oceans

Featuring a shift in focus, 'Oceans' from Liverpool boys The Wombats is much synthier and funkier than their usual sound, something that works in their favour even if they still fall into some of their older pitfalls. Everything surrounding the chorus creates this pleasant 'ocean'-like atmosphere, from the dreamy synth chords to the keyboard twangs. However, as soon as the chorus hits, it just begins to sound like any other Wombats song, and that isn't a compliment.

Earl Sweatshirt - Nowhere2go

Finally, the wait is over and one of most lyrical rappers in the game is back with a single that sees Earl in a new lane that will certainly turn heads. Ditching lyricism for some more abstract sounds, this is without a doubt one of the weirdest songs of the year. Throughout the track, Earl sounds like he is being consumed by the janky and distorted beat as he raps loosely about feeling lost and alone. It is without a doubt one of his stranger contributions but is ultimately beautiful, as the beat reflects Earl's words to poignant effect.

JPEGMAFIA & Kenny Beats - Puff Daddy

After dropping the fantastic Veteran at the start of the year, experimental hip-hop rising star JPEGMAFIA came through with the surprise banger 'Puff Daddy'. Teaming up with one of the best producers working right now, Kenny Beats, 'Puff Daddy' is glitchy, energetic and fantastic. Laying low on the bars but high on delivery and production, Peggy proves once again that he is one of the most unique artists of 2018.

The Orielles - Bobbi's Second World

Halifax based alternative group made waves in the indie scene with their debut album Silver Dollar Moment earlier this year and now they've decided to take us back to the 70's with this disco banger on 'Bobbi's Second World' that wouldn't feel out of place on a classic Steve Monite album. With an infectious bassline and engaging lyrics, this is definitely not a song you want to skip as it will easily latch itself into your head for weeks to come.

Saba Ft. Mick Jenkins & Xavier Omär - Stay Right Here

Underground Chicago rapper Saba has followed up his phenomenal Care For Me with 'Stay Right Here', a relaxing and lyrical track that is dripping with Chicago influence. With a calming hook by Xavier Omär and a closing verse from Mick Jenkins, 'Stay Right Here' see's some of underground hip-hop's biggest talents coming together for a song that is as catchy as it is meaningful.

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