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New Music Friday - 26/10/2018

As we approach the end of October, we are treated once again to another round of hot new tracks to get you through the spooky season. Featuring new hits from Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop and the iconic Cardi B along-side some more off-the-wall tracks from underground hip-hop star Yung Lean and Indie-folk veterans Beirut, there's a little bit of everything this week.

Icona Pop - Rhythm In My Blood

After a year-long hiatus, pop powerhouse Icona Pop have come through with the addicting, disco inspired 'Rhythm In My Blood'. As a part of their collaboration with Swedish fashion chain 'Gina Tricot', the track combines floaty vocals with a surprisingly funky bass guitar to create a fun and energetic pop song that is pleasant on the ears but leaves a little to be desired lyrically.

Cardi B - Money

After making waves in the hip-hop scene with her debut album Invasion of Privacy earlier this year, Cardi B treats us to another song that is sure to be a hit with 'Money'. With horribly generic and repetitive lyrics and an uninspired beat, the song doesn't hold up well past the first few listens. However, with the help of some ridiculous and amusing lines, it's hard not to find this song at least a little bit entertaining.

Beirut - Gallipoli

With a new album coming early next year, indie-folk giants Beirut have released the first tease in the title track 'Gallipoli'. Named after the Italian town where frontman Zach Condon wrote the song, 'Gallipoli' is a delightfully calming ballad that incorporates the band's iconic horns accompanying a watery synth that climaxes in an triumphant instrumental chorus that is bound to make you day a whole lot better no matter what mood you're in.

Yung Lean - happy feet

Yet another Swedish offering this week comes in the form of Yung Lean with his sinister new track 'happy feet' just in time for the Halloween. Slowly gathering a cult following over the years with his unique sound, Yung Lean has always had a knack for cryptic lyrics over cloudy production and this is showcased to fantastic proportions here. If you're not a fan of him, this song won't change your mind however, as he still works within his own sound that is certainly not for everyone.

Beach House - Alien

A B-side from Beach House's latest offering 7 was originally a 7" record exclusive to their European tour but this week they decided to give it an official release as 'Alien' sees the dream-pop duo putting on their best My Bloody Valentine impression in this shoegaze inspired banger. The whirling and distorted guitars compliment Victoria's classic haunting vocal performance, however it's easy to see how this didn't make the cut onto 7 as it's definitely a little unpolished, even if that adds to it's charm.

Rapsody (Feat. J. Cole) - Sojourner

I still have no idea why Rapsody isn't in the mainstream yet and on 'Sojourner' she proves why she deserves to be, as she's clearly one of the best lyricists of this generation. Produced by the legendary 9th Wonder as a part of his upcoming compilation album with his record label, Jamla Records, he brought lyrical legends Rapsody and J. Cole together for a goliath of a track that uses an oldschool boom-bap beat as a canvas for the two to spit in one of the cleanest songs of the year.

Thom Yorke - Unmade

I wasn't originally going to include this track in this week's roundup as it feels strange to listen to a film score before the film has been released but this latest offering from Radiohead front man Thom Yorke for his 'Suspiria' score is too stunning not to include. The atmosphere that Yorke creates with such simple piano chords is incredible and his unsettling lyrics are perfect for the Halloween season. While I am a bit of Radiohead fan boy so it's natural that I would love this song, it really is something special and I cannot wait to hear it in the film.

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