• Cara Waudby-Tolley

Bad Sounds at The Waterfront 24/10/18

We begin with an empty stage. A lamp turns on. The lamp begins to speak. We are welcomed to the Get Better Clinic. We are told to "Get Better". And then we do. Bad Sounds bring this surrealism and creativity to create a show that, as the name of their album suggests, gets better with every song, confetti canon and crowd-surf.

If I was to describe Bad Sounds in one word it would probably be FUN. It took me by no surprise then that the two support acts for this gig put on immersive and feel-good performances that were worthy of their own headline show. Dylan Cartlidge brought his alt. hip hop to the crowd filling the intimate Waterfront Studios with an energy that excited and warmed everyone up perfectly.

Next up were Indoor Pets. I had the pleasure of interviewing both Bad Sounds and Jamie from Indoor Pets before the gig (stay tuned for that coming soon) and Jamie had told me that this was the final night ever of the infamous Martin Starr drum skin being used - a truly historic occasion. A big day for Indoor Pets with the announcement of their debut album coming out in March and a UK tour in April energy was high. Bringing us old favourites like 'All My Friends' and brand new tracks like 'Being Strange' Jamie and the boys threw themselves around the stage and incited the same response from the crowd. Picture lots of head banging and flamboyant limbs flailing. A real treat.

We return to the lamp. Bad Sounds bound onto the stage in matching red boiler suits and yellow beanies, reminiscent of a modern reboot of The Life Aquatic. If The Life Aquatic was less about being at sea and more about putting on a refreshing and exciting tour. They opened with 'Wages' and within 3 minutes a confetti canon had exploded, Callum was crowd-surfing and the crowd was lapping it up. When I had spoken to the boys earlier they described this tour as "seminars". Although I'm not quite sure what I learnt, this thought process and sense of community did shine through to create a unique experience. Some personal highlights for me include the classic 'Meat on My Bones' and newer track 'Another Man' which captured the crowd.

It was a night of dancing and smiling and looking around the venue you could see that shine through in everyone. Bad Sounds and their support had one goal for this gig: to put on a show, and boy did they succeed.

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