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New Music Friday - 19/10/2018

Friday rolls around once more and The Loop is here to run down some of the new singles that were released this week. The tracks in this run down may not break any moulds, but there’s still a lot to enjoy, from Zara Larsson’s pop ‘Ruin My Life’ to the hip-hop leaning ‘Pour Me Another One’ by Krept & Konan, and Au/Ra's alternative ‘Ultraviolet’.

Ruin My Life – Zara Larsson

The first new music released since Larsson announced her third (and as of writing, unreleased) studio album, the Swedish artist’s recent single is an enjoyable (if a little generic) pop track, given a jarring effect by the several f-bomb drops, which you don’t often see in the genre. Larsson’s strong vocals really make this song, and the fact that she’s less than a year older than me and this talented really makes me feel lazy. ‘Ruin My Life’ doesn’t necessarily stand out against modern pop music, and without the semi-catchy chorus, would be somewhat forgettable, but is by no means unenjoyable.

Blow That Smoke – Major Lazer (feat. Tove Lo)

The synths and electronica of Major Lazer are complimented by Tove Lo’s pop vocals, and the result is ‘Blow That Smoke’ released as a single as well as being the first track on Lazer’s most recent album Major Lazer Essentials, and the song – while easy to nod along to - offers little else, being very familiar already, treading much the same path that the genre already has before. It’s not a song you reach to skip if it comes on, but neither is it one that I feel I would seek out and listen to.

Pour Me Another One – Krept & Konan (feat. Tabitha)

The only other explicit track on this list, this song combines the stylings of the rap duo with Tabitha, whose vocals add a new texture to the song, breaking up the pairs’ well delivered, but altogether content-lacking, raps. The beat beneath is well-produced and its techno leanings are a welcome addition to the track. All in all, it’s a song good enough to satiate fans and hold them over until the next album.

Heaven Let Me In – Friendly Fires

To me, this latest single from British indie-rock band Friendly Fires falls flat. From the repetitive and uninteresting melody, to the vapid and weak vocals that deliver simple lyrics, there are moments where this track reaches for something entertaining, but never fully manages to grasp it. Nothing manages to pull you into the song, nothing makes it memorable. It’s nearly 5 minutes long, far too long for a song that is already difficult to get through, especially when it doesn’t go anywhere to become enjoyable at any point.

when the party’s over – Billie Eilish

Along with 20-year-old Zara Larsson, it seems this week is one for making my life feel unextraordinary. Eilish isn’t even 17 yet, but she can still produce a track like ‘when the party’s over’ (all lower-case title so you know it’s indie), a slow and haunting song that benefits greatly from Eilish’s sombre singing, which begins almost whisper-like. While it’s not the type of music I tend to listen to, I do think that Eilish is an artist that is worth keeping an eye on in the years to come.

Ultraviolet – Au/Ra

A solid alternative-pop track, ‘Ultraviolet’ is the first track from by Ibiza-born Au/Ra’s EP X Games, and like many of the singles covered in this list, the song doesn’t do much to push at the boundaries of its genre, and the lyrics leave much to be desired, but it does manage to comfortably stick to a successful formula, creating a song that while being forgettable, is likeable nevertheless.

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