• Cara Waudby-Tolley

MØ - 'Forever Neverland' Album Review

Four years since her debut album No Mythologies to Follow, Danish pop powerhouse brings us an album jam-packed with catchy hooks, powerful vocals and songs which take us in unexpected and surprising directions. A feel good listen - pop music in 2018 is bold and unforgiving and is no exception.

You likely are familiar with from her collaborations, particularly her features on Major Lazer songs 'Lean On' and 'Cold Water' or perhaps her 2014 collab with Iggy Azalea on the single 'Beg for It' but this album proves she can stand alone, and is better than ever.

Auto-tune fuelled track 'Blur' is anthemic and wild, with its quick tempo so juxtaposed to the melancholic lyrics 'Let me out, I'm trapped in a blur/Started out the way I wanted but it's weird now'. In fact, uses this trope throughout the album, on surface levels the songs all seem positive, wildly upbeat but behind the lyrics are more complex and often negative emotions. In this way the album almost feels like an exposé on being young. 'Nostalgia' definitely follows this, with describing this song as a "mismash of beautiful coincidences". This song is perhaps my favourite of the album, in fact, as soon as the chorus of this song leaves my head it soon returns. Another personal favourite is 'Sun In Our Eyes' ft. Diplo which thrives on MØ's smooth vocals, oozing passion in this whirlwind track that takes you to a sunny place.

In the intro of this album sings 'This is what I've wanted all my life/No one can take it, no'. After an album that experiments with mood, genre and captures so well what it feels like to be young I am certain that no one can take this success away from her.


You can listen to the album here:

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